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Inspection And Correction Of Connecting Rod Bending Of Diesel Generator

Mar. 09, 2023

Inspection and correction of connecting rod bending of diesel generator.


1. Inspection of bending.

The bending of connecting rod is checked on the connecting rod corrector. According to the bore diameter of the connecting rod bearing, select a pair of suitable expansion blocks and install them into the spindle, and then install the bearing cover of the connecting rod big end. At this time, do not install the bearing (connecting rod bearing), tighten it according to the specified torque, and install the matched piston pin at the same time. Then put the big end of the connecting rod onto the spindle of the corrector, turn the adjusting nut, and use the function of the inclined convex shaft on the spindle to make the expansion block gradually outward, until it matches with the big end hole of the connecting rod to the appropriate tightness, and fix the connecting rod in the appropriate position. If the slot block seat is not in the right position, it can be adjusted to make the piston pin close to the upper plane (or lower plane) of the slot block seat.


Check the clearance on both sides. If the clearance on both sides is different, it means that the connecting rod is bent. The greater the difference between the clearance on both sides, the more bent the connecting rod is. When the error of the gap on both sides exceeds 0.05~0.1mm, it shall be corrected. According to the inspection results, determine the direction and extent of the bending of the connecting rod, and then correct it.


diesel generator

2. Correction of bending.

The bending of connecting rod is generally corrected by using the auxiliary tools on the connecting rod corrector. According to the bending direction of the connecting rod, clamp the calibrated special tool on the vice and press the connecting rod.

Note: check while pressing until the connecting rod is corrected.


Due to the existence of residual stress after bending or twisting of the connecting rod, although it was pressed at that time, repeated deformation may occur. In order to solve this problem, the connecting rod can be heated to 150~200 ℃ in engine oil after being calibrated to eliminate or reduce the residual stress of bending and twisting of the connecting rod. When the bending and twisting degree of the connecting rod is very small, this work can be omitted after correction. In the absence of connecting rod corrector, other simple tools (such as vice) can also be used for correction.


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