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Information You Should Know Before Buying Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 28, 2021

When the city power fails, diesel generator sets can provide stable power for your enterprise equipment. Industrial diesel generators can provide power for all enterprise equipment, and provide reliable power supply for manufacturing, store operations, and normal construction on site, thereby ensuring Operation and production can be unaffected by power outages. Therefore, it is an important investment for a company to equip a diesel generator set. However, before choosing a diesel generator set supplier, users should understand the following information about diesel generators.


1. Emission standards for generators.

In China, many places have standard emission requirements. Therefore, you may need an industrial diesel generator with a "green mode" to meet the policy requirements and reduce emissions. But be aware that low-emission generators may require less power and affect running time.


2. Fuel selection for generator.

If what you need is a generator that can maintain a high power level and run for a long time, then you should choose a diesel-powered generator set. Diesel generators can maintain productivity in the workplace and meet the demand for long-term power supply.


3. The safety of the generator.

Regardless of whether you choose diesel generators, natural gas, gasoline and other types of generators, you need to put safety in the first place. For example, if you place the generator in a small and closed place, a generator that generates a lot of noise and exhaust gas may not be the best choice. Similarly, your generator needs to comply with industry safety standards and be placed within a safe distance from your work area.


4. Type selection of generator.

Industrial diesel generators are generally more expensive. That is to say, when choosing a product, you should have a comprehensive budget for power and choose the most suitable power generator. This will help save money and will not cause power waste or generator load operation. Although diesel-driven generators may be more expensive than natural gas and gasoline. But in most cases, its huge power and power capabilities justify its price.


5. Selection of generator specifications.

To determine which type of generator you need, you need to determine which power options best suit your business needs. Here, you should consider voltage and wattage. Voltage is the maximum potential energy used by the generator on the circuit. Wattage is the total number of amperes and volts produced by the generator-multiplied. To choose a diesel generator, to determine the size of the generator you need, add the required wattage. Then, choose a generator that covers this range. Generally speaking, if you need more electricity, you need a diesel generator.


diesel engine

6. Some additional functions of the generator.

Finally, you also need to consider some additional generator options to maximize the efficiency, safety and service life of your generator. The following are some functional options that may require attention: Is there remote monitoring, remote operation, and remote control and other functions?


Remote monitoring, remote operation, remote control and other functions are the basic functions that should be possessed under the continuous development of the Internet. It can track the performance of the generator and remotely control the generator. These functions are very useful for companies that use generators, because they can remotely monitor and operate the generators, and employees can easily manage the start and stop of the generators, saving time and cost.


Whether the generator has a safety switch, this is an important part of generator safety. The safety switch on the emergency backup generator is very important, because a backup generator without a safety switch may burn the circuit when it is started. At the same time, the transfer switch monitors the voltage passing through the circuit. If an interruption occurs, the transfer switch can activate the generator's power source immediately before shutting down the generator.


7. Does the generator have an automatic start option?

When choosing a generator, you should make sure that it is equipped with an automatic start function. In the event of a mains power failure, the generator can be automatically started immediately, which can realize seamless connection of power.


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