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Influence Of Wear Of Diesel Generator Cylinder On Performance Index

Feb. 23, 2022

Because the piston ring of the diesel generator set reciprocates at high speed in the cylinder of the generator set, it is easy to wear the working surface of the cylinder. What effect does the diesel generator cylinder have on the starting performance of the diesel engine in this case?


1. The oil leakage basin of fuel oil destroys the lubrication of the cylinder wall, dilutes the oil, and reduces the oil quality of the generator set.


2. The matching gap between the cylinder and the piston skirt of the diesel generator set increases, resulting in poor compression, difficulty in starting, and reduced power.


3. When roundness is lost. When the taper is too large, the sealing between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is reduced, so that the starting stability of the ring is lost.


4. Combustion in the combustion chamber, increased fuel consumption, carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, increased cylinder wear, and may bite the piston ring (because the oil burned by the piston ring).


Therefore, the out-of-roundness and taper of the diesel generator cylinder must have clear benchmarks and regulations to prevent excessive wear of the unit from affecting the performance of the diesel engine.


diesel generator

The general maintenance standards for diesel generator set cylinder liners are as follows:


1. Standard specification of diesel generator set factory or overhaul factory.

(1) Out of roundness of the cylinder. The taper is within 0.03mm.

(2) The inner surface roughness of the cylinder is not higher than 0.32-0.63um.

(3) The size of the cylinder meets the requirements of the manual.


2. If the cylinder of the diesel generator set is worn to one of the following conditions, it must be repaired or replaced.

(1) The depth of the cylinder wall scratch is not less than 0.25mm.

(2) There are cracks in the cylinder wall.

(3) The out-of-roundness and taper of the cylinder shall not be less than 0.15mm.

(4) The wear of the cylinder is not less than 0.35mm or the clearance between the piston skirt and the cylinder wall is not less than 0.5mm.

(5) The depth of local dents cannot exceed 0.03mm.


Combined with the measured data, when the wear amount, roundness and taper of the diesel generator set cylinder exceed the specified values of each machine, the cylinder should be repaired and the normal standard specification of the cylinder should be restored.


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