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Influence Of Diesel Genset Control Module On Diesel Genset Startup

Aug. 18, 2023

The diesel generator set control module is equivalent to a computer board, it can receive external signals, and at the same time can send out signals and commands such as start, stop, alarm, etc. When the diesel generator set is started, the unit control module will monitor the engine speed, oil pressure, generator voltage and frequency. If it is found that a certain parameter fails to meet the set requirements, for the purpose of protecting the engine and generator. The control module will take alarm and shutdown measures. In this article, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will introduce to you how the diesel generator set control module affects the start of the diesel generator set.


1. The diesel generator set control module conducts real-time monitoring of the mains status. When it is detected that the mains voltage is lower than the set value of the module, the mains power failure sign is set up, and the I/O output port of the control module sends a voltage signal to the engine ECU to execute the start command. If the unit control module block fails, the mains input signal If it is unreasonable, the start signal cannot be output, resulting in the failure of the unit to start.


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2. After the engine receives the start signal, after the ECU is powered on and self-checked, in the absence of electrical and mechanical faults, the starter tow the engine. When the engine towing speed reaches the set speed, under the action of compression force, the temperature in the cylinder continues to rise to the diesel combustion temperature, and the atomized diesel is ignited to push the piston to reciprocate, and the engine starts successfully. If the battery voltage is insufficient and the matching battery wire diameter is too small during the starting process, the starter speed may be too low, which directly affects the normal starting of the engine.


3. When the engine enters the idle state, the control module monitors the engine speed and oil pressure parameters to determine whether the engine enters the running state. If the engine speed is lower than the minimum running speed set by the module or the oil pressure value is lower than the minimum pressure set by the module, the unit control module determines that the engine fails to start successfully, and directly disconnects the ECU power supply shutdown protection. Operating parameters such as engine speed, oil pressure, and water temperature are transmitted to the unit control module through the CANJ1939 protocol. If the CAN communication line is loose, open circuit, short circuit, external strong frequency electrical signal interference, and the parameter agreement of the control module is incorrect, the CAN communication module may fail to transmit signals, resulting in the unit unable to start.


4. When the engine reaches the rated speed, the unit control module will judge the generator voltage and frequency status. Take the unit with rated voltage of 400V and frequency of 50HZ as an example, if the operating voltage is not within 400V±10% or the frequency is not within the range of 50Hz±6%, it will be judged that the generator is abnormal, and the control module will execute the shutdown command.


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