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Important Functions Of Diesel Generator Cabinet

Jul. 09, 2021

Diesel generator parallel cabinet is also called "generator set automatic control box", split operation parallel machine, automatic parallel machine, automatic parallel machine, automatic parallel machine, three remote parallel system, etc., with improve the stability and sustainability of power supply and distribution system. When two or more diesel generator sets are combined together to supply power to the load, or when one or more diesel generator sets are combined together to supply power to the power network, it is necessary to refit the generator sets and/or the grid-connected cabinet, so that the system software can achieve the provisions of the combined power supply system, and the generator sets can work normally.

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The functions of generator cabinet are as follows:


1.Manual/startup selection (when the voltage common failure can be preferred to select a generator set operation or at the same time run all the generator sets).


2.All functions of MicroPanel-30 control board and MicroPanel-40 monitoring.


3.Automatic mean active power load and load imbalance ratio adjustment.


4. Operation of emergency shutdown of the generator set.


5. Automatic parallel machine reclosing (can be set a generator set priority selection, when the load to achieve the preset value when the automatic opening of another generator set).


6. Generator unit short circuit fault and overcurrent protection.


7. Automatic frequency tracking.


8. Reverse output power, over output power inspection and alarm shutdown maintenance.


9. The utility automatic charging and battery charging failed to find the role of the alarm.


10. Automatic synchronous inspection, automatic synchronous reclosing, automati cparallel.


11. No difference distribution of active power and reactive power load.


12. When all the utilities are normal, all the isolating switches of the generators are operated by the automatic control system, and the generators enter the no-load cooling idle state. When the cooling time is over, all the generators stop running and restore the automatic standby state.


13. When electric power engineering common fault data signal and sent to the cabinet system, the system receives the data signal, generating set according to the setup process preferred to run a generator set, generator set, introspection, and accelerate the rate of the rating and create work voltage, in which tested 1 do default values after the money into the system bus, Another spare generator set is operated by automatic synchronous operation and successively invested into the system bus for serial operation (after the operation data signal is the common failure or overload of the former generator set), and at the same time, automatic load sharing is carried out.


14. With BA remote control communication jack.


15. When any common failure occurs to the generator set, the reserve generator set will automatically start operation, the common fault generator set will automatically shut down, and the alarm will come out at the same time.


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