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Importance of Sound Insulation Equipment in Diesel Generator Room

Aug. 14, 2023

While providing convenience for people, the noise of diesel generator directly affects people's health, work and life. Noise refers to the sound harmful to human health. Noise can interfere with work efficiency, cause anxiety, distract attention, especially affect difficult work or highly skilled work. It also blocks communication and warning signals, causing accidents.

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With the gradual improvement of people's environmental requirements, how to solve and overcome the above problems has become the key to the application and development of diesel generators. The noise is harmful to the operator's hearing. The sudden high noise can cause the staff to temporarily lose hearing for several days. Frequent exposure to high noise can lead to the destruction of internal ear tissues and permanent and incurable hearing loss.

The noise level near the uncovered diesel generator exceeds the noise standard of the factory. When working near the diesel generator, operators should wear sound insulation earmuffs and work clothes. If the engine room of the diesel generator is equipped with sound insulation equipment, it can prevent the indoor sound from transmitting to the outside and the external sound from transmitting to the outside. However, all personnel working near the diesel generator must wear sound insulation earmuffs.

Mark where sound insulation earmuffs need to be worn, and control the entry of non workers within the protection range. Ensure that qualified sound insulation earmuffs are provided and used, and operators should pay attention to hearing protection when working. Many high decibel working environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers. Therefore, protective sound insulation earmuffs should be reasonably selected for operators according to the actual site environment to reduce the possibility of causing hearing damage to operators.

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