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Importance Of Diesel Generator Sets In Mining Applications

Apr. 01, 2022

In the working process of the mining industry, mining workers will use various mechanical equipment, which are heavily dependent on stable and reliable power supply, and the mains grid is often unable to reach these mining sites. Therefore, diesel generator sets are used in the mining industry. Applications are especially important. In this article, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will take you to understand the importance of diesel generator sets in the mining industry, and how users can find the best generator for mining projects.


Why are diesel generators used in mining?


Due to the thickness of the earth's crust, these resources cannot be exploited by manpower alone. Mining industry workers rely on heavy machinery to extract valuable resources from the ground. Diesel generators are brought to the mining site for power supply. Diesel generators are superior to gasoline or natural gas for power generation. The preferred source of power for machines because they can be easily moved from one place to another and produce high-quality electricity. They are also able to control their own power output, which is ideal for mining farms that have different power needs during each working day. Using diesel generators in the mining industry is the most cost-effective way to power heavy machinery and equipment.


How can diesel generators help the mining industry?


Without the use of generators, the mining industry would not be able to extract valuable resources as it can with diesel power. It provides approximately 70% of the electricity required for mining operations, and diesel generator sets are a safer choice for mining compared to other fuel types. This is because they have lower volatility but still provide the power needed to move such heavy machinery. Diesel generators are also very reliable at the moment. Most generators can run for hours and can be easily refueled when the tank is empty. This means they can power mining projects for as long as they need to run.


Diesel generators

Using them in mining means that new generators can be supplied to the site if more power is needed. While diesel generators can be large, they can be easily moved by truck to places where more power is needed. Once on site, these generators are also easy to use, meaning you don't need to waste valuable time trying to start a new generator.


How important are diesel generators in the mining industry?


At many mining sites, they operate all the equipment needed to carry out mining operations. Therefore, diesel generators are an important part of any mine. Due to the sheer size of many mining rigs, it cannot rely on the grid alone. Diesel generators provide a steady stream of electricity that keeps mining projects running when needed.


In the mining industry, they are mainly used to drive heavy vehicles and machines. Still, many are able to power entire mining rigs on site. Many mines will also invest in backup diesel generators that will be on standby if the main generator (or other power source) loses power.


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