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How To Use Diesel Generator Fuel Injection Pump And Governor

Dec. 07, 2021

Clean the components of the fuel injection pump and governor before assembly on the diesel generator, and check whether the models of the plunger assembly and the outlet valve assembly are consistent with the model of the fuel injection pump. Pay attention to the following points when assembling.


1. When assembling the plunger, carefully and accurately pull out and insert the burr of the plunger, and install the word "XY" on the protrusion of the plunger flange. After the plunger is installed, tighten the positioning screw with the plunger sleeve and the screw. At this time, the plunger sleeve should be able to move up and down, but not left and right.


2. When assembling the oil outlet valve seat, its tightening torque is 39-68Nm (4~7kgf.m). Overload deforms the plunger sleeve and affects the sliding degree of the plunger sleeve. The plunger should be pulled up and down to slide up and down and rotate left and right when tightening. If there is blockage, loosen the small oil valve several times, and then tighten it to make it slide freely.


3. After the plunger assembly, delivery valve assembly, delivery valve fasteners, etc. are installed, the upper part of the pump body should be tested for sealing. The test method is to block each oil outlet and hold the plunger with a tool plate to prevent it from falling. The pressure entering the oil port is 3.9Mpa (40kgf/cm) As mentioned above, it is always maintained for 1min, and the pointer of the pressure gauge should not drop significantly. At this time, there should be no leakage of diesel oil at the threaded parts of the joints, the shoulder surface of the plunger and the surface of the pump body.


diesel generator

4. After assembling the camshaft of the fuel injection pump, check the axial clearance of the camshaft within the range of 0.03~0.15mm. If the available shim adjustment cannot be achieved, but the thickness of the shim at both ends is required to be the same to ensure that the camshaft is in the middle. After adjusting the gap up and down, rotate the camshaft so that the cams of each cylinder at the top dead center sequentially tighten the gear rod of the fuel injection pump without being hindered.


5. When assembling the double fly iron governor, pay attention that after the pin rings at both ends of the fly iron pin are installed, use slip joint pliers to clamp it to prevent the iron pin from falling off and flying out. After rotating, the flying iron can use its own centrifugal force to shake around the iron pin, and it cannot allow any jamming phenomenon.


6. After assembling the fuel injection pump and governor assembly, drive the speed control handle to compress the spring, and place the up and down adjustment racks at the place of maximum fuel injection, so that the tie rod screw and tie rod support block always maintain the range of 0.5-1mm. This design is designed to facilitate inspection and adjustment of the rack to ensure that it is in contact with the oil limiting screw at the maximum fuel injection position. When necessary, rotate the oil limiting screw to increase the fuel injection volume appropriately. However, this range should not be too large, otherwise the regulator action speed will increase.


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