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How to Use Cut File Tool for Generator Set Maintenance Correctly?

Feb. 22, 2020

When we maintain diesel generator set, need many tools, such as cut file. So how to correctly use the cut file? And what should we pay attention to? Today Starlight manufacturer analyze it for you.


When the user repairs the diesel generator set, he uses a file to cut the workpiece surface, to make the workpiece reach the required size, shape and surface roughness, this processing is called file cutting. The highest filing accuracy is 0.01Mmm, and the finest surface roughness is about Ra0.8μm. File cutting has a wide range of work. It can file the inner and outer surfaces of workpieces, and repair individual parts during assembly, etc. 

How to use cut file tool for generator set maintenance correctly?

Firstly, learn to choose a suitable cut file. 

The choice of cut file thickness depends on the size of machining allowance, machining accuracy, surface roughness and material properties. Rough cut file is suitable for filing workpieces with large machining allowance, rough surface and low machining accuracy requirements. A fine cut file is the opposite. The choice of the fine cut file shape depends on the shape of the workpiece surface.


Secondly, learn how to use the file correctly, as follows:

1.File cutting on flat surface.

a.Forward file cutting method. It is a method of filing the workpiece in the same direction. After filing, you can get straight file marks, which are neat and beautiful. It is suitable for final filing and flat surface with small filing size.


b.Cross file cutting method. It files the workpiece from two cross directions. When filing, the contact surface between the file and the workpiece increases, and the file is easy to grasp and stable. The height of the filing surface can also be judged from the filing mark, so it is easy to file the flat surface. However, before finishing the filing on the plane, it is necessary to use the forward filing method to make the filing marks become straight.

c.Push file cutting method. It holds the file horizontally symmetrically with two hands and pushes the file with the thumb, file cut along the length of the workpiece. This method is only suitable for filing long and narrow plane and correcting size.


When filing plane, it is often necessary to check its flatness. It can be checked with steel ruler or knife edge ruler by light transmission method. The degree of unevenness can be judged from the light, shade and strength of light transmission at the gap in the longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions.

 Cummins diesel generator set

2.Filing method of curved surface.

a.Filing method of outer arc surface. When the margin is not large, the method of filing along the arc is generally adopted. When the file moves forward, it should also swing around the center of the workpiece arc. This method is suitable for rough machining of circular arc surface. However, when the machining allowance is large, the method of cross arc file can be used. According to the requirements of the arc, first file it into a polygon, and then file it into an arc by following the arc.

b.Filing method of inner arc. When filing, the file should complete three movements at the same time :forward movement; Move left and right, about half to one file diameter (half to one file width for half round files); Rotate around the center line of the file. Only when these three movements are carried out at the same time can the internal arc surface be filed well.


The correct use of the file will help users to improve the efficiency of the maintenance of diesel generator set. Have you learned how to use the above files?

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