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How To Store Diesel For A Long Time

Jan. 25, 2022

Diesel is the main fuel of diesel generator sets and an important working medium for its mechanical work. When choosing light diesel, users should choose different brands of light diesel according to the regional temperature and season. Many users only know that they should pay attention to the choice of diesel. The problem of diesel fuel storage is often overlooked. If it is not stored properly, diesel fuel is likely to deteriorate prematurely and affect its use. So do you know how to properly store diesel fuel for a long time?


First of all, users need to understand a question, how long can diesel oil be stored? If you ask different people this question, you may get different answers. This is because the shelf life of any fuel depends on conditions. The key is to keep the fuel cool and keep it dry. Under ideal conditions, diesel fuel can be stored for 6 to 12 months. To extend service life beyond twelve months, even under optimal conditions, treatment with fuel stabilizers and biocides is required. Twelve months is the longest reasonable storage estimate if the fuel cannot be kept at 21°C and below all the time.


Tanks and Regulations.

The biggest benefit of properly maintaining a tank over time is preventing water contamination of the fuel. Obviously, it is important to maintain the structural integrity of the tank, especially above-ground tanks that may have top openings and rainwater can contaminate the fuel if the fuel deteriorates over time.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. recommends that you minimize the space left in the tank over time, it is this space that will affect the amount of condensate that builds up in the fuel. The minimum space required depends on the tank configuration and the amount of fuel (due to expansion). There are different regulations depending on whether your fuel storage is above or below ground. Technically, if more than 10% of a tank is underground, it is defined as underground. Measures the facility must take to prevent leaks and spills, while addressing corrosion issues that may develop over time.


Controlled storage diesel stability.

Biocides and diesel fuel stabilization treatments will prevent most fuel storage problems if these other measures are taken. The biocide will kill the growth of active diesel fuel bacteria in the fuel storage tank, while the stabilization treatment prevents the fuel from breaking down due to chemical reactions with external influences.


Biocides have become an essential tool in diesel fuel storage, as the removal of sulfur from ULSD makes the fuel more susceptible to microbial activity than before. So while it's important to control the stagnant water inherent in fuel storage, even if you try to do that, there's a greater chance of microbial problems, in large part because not everyone in the distribution chain may as close as possible.



One thing to keep in mind is that the presence of a "biofilm" or biomass produced by organisms can affect how quickly the biocide kills microbes in the fuel. In this case, unless the biofilm is disrupted, the microorganisms can be penetrated by the biocide, or the storage system may become re-infected after treatment. In cases of severe biofilm build-up, the tank must be mechanically cleaned.


The goal of stabilization treatment is to store oxidation reactions and acid-base reactions in the fuel. As you can guess, oxidation occurs when fuel is exposed to oxygen. Oxygen interacts with pre-existing "reactive components" already present in the fuel. This sets off a chain reaction that turns healthy, stable molecules in the fuel into unstable reactive molecules, eventually causing the fuel to darken and delaminate. Antioxidants are effective at interrupting chain reactions in the beginning, so they don't happen further afield. Fuel stabilizers also prevent harmful acid-base reactions in the same way, by reacting with acidic precursors in the fuel, preventing them from further reacting with other fuel reagents. This is especially important when fuels are exposed to certain metals such as copper and iron, which catalyze or accelerate these harmful reactions. Only a small amount of dissolved metal is needed to accelerate these reactions. You can solve this problem by using an antioxidant stabilizer that contains a metal passivator.


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