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How To Solve The Problem That The Diesel Generator Is Unable To Operate

Jan. 29, 2023

Diesel generator set lubrication system failure:

(1) blue smoke from exhaust.

(2) The sound of splashing oil is loud.

(3) The diesel generator is weak.


Fault cause:

1. The fuel leaks into the engine oil basin: the plunger pair of the diesel fuel injection pump is excessively worn, the injector needle valve is not closed tightly or the needle valve is stuck in the open position. The fit clearance between piston, piston ring and cylinder is too large, which causes fuel to leak down the cylinder wall to the oil pan.


2. Water seeps into the engine oil basin: the cylinder pad is used to flush the cup. The cylinder wall connected with the water jacket has cracks. The rubber sealing ring between the wet cylinder liner and the cylinder block is not installed correctly or damaged.


Diesel generator set

Cleaning method:

First, draw out the oil scale to check whether the oil is too thin. If the oil level is found to be high and very thin, further find out the cause to see if there is water or fuel leaking into the oil to dilute the oil, causing too thin. The inspection method is:


Draw out the oil scale and drop a few drops of oil on the paper to observe the oil color and smell the smell. If the oil is yellow and creamy. If there is no other smell, it means that water has entered the crankcase. Check whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, whether the water channel of the cylinder block is cracked, and whether the rubber sealing ring between the wet cylinder liner and the cylinder block is installed correctly or damaged.


If you smell the smell of fuel in the engine oil, start the engine to observe whether it is in good condition. If the exhaust pipe emits black smoke after starting the diesel engine, check whether the needle valve of the fuel injector is closed normally. If there is any leakage, repair it. If the engine lacks power at normal operating temperature, check whether the plunger pair of the fuel injection pump leaks diesel oil, and whether the fit clearance between the piston, piston ring and cylinder is too large, and replace or repair it.


After the above inspection and maintenance, the old engine oil must be drained, the lubricating system cleaned, and the specified amount of new engine oil of appropriate brand must be added again.


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