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How To Solve The Abnormal Exhaust Of The Non Motor Generator Set

Aug. 21, 2023

There are three aspects that cannot be ignored when purchasing a non-motorized generator set. When choosing a non-motorized diesel generator, many consumers only pay attention to the price. At most, they ask how much the fuel consumption is, and then they start to buy it. Sometimes there will be an abnormal exhaust problem. The following types of exhaust anomalies of the non-motor generator set are ignored by many users. The working performance of the motorless generator set has a great relationship with the abnormal exhaust gas, but many people do not pay attention to this. The following non-motor generator set manufacturers will discuss with you:


I. White and grey smoke.

1. The diesel engine is too cold.

Solution: increase the inlet water temperature.


2. Water leaks in the cylinder.

Solution: Remove the intake and exhaust pipes or the cylinder head for inspection.


3. Incomplete combustion in the cylinder.

Solution: Check the fuel injector and cylinder compression pressure.


II. Taupe smoke.

1. The diesel engine is overloaded.

Solution: reduce the diesel engine load.


2. Too much oil in individual injection pumps.

Solution: Adjust the oil pump according to the prescribed method.


3. The fuel injector is faulty (such as intermittent smoke from the fuel nozzle exhaust).

Solution: Repair the fuel injector.


4. The fuel injection advance angle is too late (exhaust also has black smoke and flame).

Solution: Adjust the correct fuel injection advance angle.

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III. Tianlan Tobacco

1. Lubricating oil enters the combustion chamber when the car is cold.


2. Piston wear.

Solution: Repair the piston.


The above is the solution to the abnormal exhaust of diesel generator sets shared by Cummins diesel generator manufacturers. For more details about generators and generator sets, please consult Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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