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How To Repair The Traveling Fault Of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 09, 2021

There are two kinds of uneven speed of 100KW diesel generator set: one is large swing, the sound is clear and discernable, generally known as "panting" or "traveling block". The other is that the speed fluctuates in a small range, and the sound is difficult to distinguish. It is easy to appear at low speed, leading to the shutdown of the diesel generator set. In this paper, the professional diesel generator manufacturer -- Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. focuses on the analysis of the main reasons for the failure of the 100kW diesel generator set "traveling block".

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1. The governor fly hammer pin and the pin hole or fly ball seat wear, the governor to the oil pump adjusting fan tooth or fork of the connection point wear is large, the oil volume control tooth rod or pull rod are in a loose range of reciprocating movement, so that the oil supply of each cylinder periodic changes, resulting in "traveling block".


2.The speed of the 100KW diesel generator set is related to the oil supply of the fuel injection pump.High oil supply speed, otherwise low speed.  Uneven cylinder oil supply will lead to the speed of 100kW diesel generator set fast or slow.


3. The fuel injection pump camshaft axial clearance is too large (to the full speed governor for example), will cause the camshaft to produce axial channeling, so as to make the camshaft axial channeling, and drive the movement of the oil regulating rod, so as to make the engine fuel supply adjust the movement of the rod.


4. The holes on the governor shell and the cover holes of the fuel injection pump wear and loose, resulting in the swimming lag of the oil supply pull rod and sudden increase, thus slowing down the speed rise of the 100KW diesel generator set, and the phenomenon of fast or slow speed appears.


5. The block of governor components will affect the automatic speed regulation function of the governor, resulting in periodic changes of oil supply, which leads to the "traveling block" of the 100KW diesel generator set.


6. The use time of multi-cylinder injection pump is too long, resulting in uneven wear and the different oil supply of each cylinder. The work of the injector is good or bad, so that the working pressure of each cylinder of the 100kW diesel generator set is different, which causes the instability of the speed; The fuel injection pump and fuel injector work badly, resulting in the speed governor flying hammer centrifugal force is also constantly changing, the chain reaction makes the oil regulating rod or control tooth rod in a certain range of left and right reciprocating movement, so that the oil supply of each cylinder changes.


7, plunger adjusting arm or fan pinion deformation or loose, or improper installation of plunger, they are all will make the tooth rod can not move freely.

According to the analysis above, the general maintenance methods of the 100kW diesel generator set after the occurrence of "traveling block" are as follows.


(1) Check the fuel injection status of the injector, and deal with the replacement of the injector with poor fuel injection, repairable and unrepairable.


(2) Used to pull the oil supply mechanism of the governor, and judge the oil amount adjustment lever whether has blocking phenomenon, generally in the tooth rod and fan teeth, oil pump separator hole, governor sleeve, fly ball or lever and other positions. Proper maintenance shall be carried out according to the inspection results.


 (3) Remove the fuel injection pump and place it on the test table to check the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump or the axial clearance between the governor and the camshaft. A dial indicator is used to measure the axial movement of the camshaft. If the plunger pair is worn or the oil supply is not adjusted properly, it can be replaced or adjusted, or the bearing can be replaced

The above is mehhod to maintain the 100KW diesel generator set When It appear"Traveling Block" fault .Have you got it?


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