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How To Repair The Plane Deformation Of Cylinder Block And Cylinder Head

Feb. 10, 2022

The deformation parts and degrees of the cylinder block and cylinder head of diesel generators are different, and the maintenance methods are also different. The common maintenance methods are as follows:

1. The protrusions near the screw holes on the cylinder body can be smoothed with a whetstone or a fine file.


2. The cylinder and cylinder head of diesel generator are not flat, which can be repaired by milling.


When using the milling method to repair the upper surface of the cylinder block, always take the main bearing hole and the center line of the cylinder hole as the processing and positioning reference. The upper end face of each cylinder can be repaired up to 2 times, the amount of each repair shall not exceed 0.25mm, and the total amount of repair shall not exceed 0.50mm. After the upper platform of the cylinder block is trimmed, the cylinder height of the cylinder block (that is, the distance from the center of the crankshaft main bearing hole to the upper plane of the cylinder block) should be checked, and the value should be within the allowable range. All kinds of engines have different values, so read the manual carefully when servicing. At the same time, after grinding the surface of the cylinder body, in order to maintain the normal clearance between the piston and the valve and the original compression ratio of the cylinder body, a thicker cylinder gasket should be selected.


3. The cylinder block and the cylinder head of the diesel generator are not uniform. You can also use a shovel to level or apply a slurry, and put the cylinder head into the cylinder block to fasten and grind.


shangchai Power Generator Set

Determination method of burner internal volume: clean all the carbon deposits and dirt in the furnace, put the milling cylinder head on the workbench, find the flat position, when the liquid level rises and just touches the upper cover glass plate, put it on the burner. A certain amount of diesel is injected into a certain amount of diesel, and then the volume after the volume of the measuring cup is reduced, that is, the measured combustion chamber capacity. Then, compare with the nominal volume of the combustion chamber of this model, and if the volume cannot be reached, it should be corrected.


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