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How to Repair The Crankcase Ventilation Device of Diesel Generators?

Jan. 08, 2024

To prevent excessive pressure in the crankcase of diesel generators, extend the service life of engine oil, reduce component wear and corrosion, and prevent engine oil leakage, crankcase ventilation must be implemented. In addition, in order to meet increasingly strict emission requirements and improve fuel efficiency, the design of the crankcase ventilation system must also be carried out in the design process of diesel generators. So how to repair the diesel generator crankcase ventilation device?

diesel engine

Check the condition of the pipeline

1. Remove the outlet and return hoses of the crankcase ventilation device, and remove the relevant components (respirators, one-way valves, or oil and gas separators).

2. Check for any flattening, damage, or leakage in the pipeline, then clean it thoroughly and blow it clean with compressed air.

3. Install in the reverse order of disassembly.

Check the condition of the one-way valve; In the forced crankcase ventilation device equipped with a one-way valve, it is important to focus on checking the one-way valve. If the unidirectional width adheres and remains open or blocked, normal ventilation of the crankcase cannot be guaranteed. When the ventilation valve is stuck and blocked, the diesel engine lacks ventilation under high load, and the oil and gas inside the box will enter the atmosphere, polluting the environment; When the reading door remains open, it will cause excessive oil consumption in the diesel engine.

1. Check the vacuum condition of the valve. Twist off the one-way valve on the diesel engine, then connect the ventilation hose, idle the diesel engine, place your finger on the open end of the one-way valve. At this time, your finger should have a sense of vacuum. If you lift your finger, there should be a suction sound at the valve opening. If there is no vacuum or noise in the fingers, clean the one-way valve and ventilation hose with cleaning solution and check again. If it still does not work, replace it.

2. Check the movement of the valve. Unscrew the one-way valve from the diesel engine and insert a thin wooden rod into the one-way valve. At this time, the plunger of the valve should move freely back and forth. If the wide plunger does not move, it should be cleaned or replaced.

Have you learned how to inspect the ventilation device of the diesel generator crankcase by checking the condition of the pipelines and one-way valves mentioned above?

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