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How To Repair Diesel Generator Cylinder Head Rust And Screw Hole Damage

Aug. 31, 2023

The water channel opening of the cylinder head of diesel generators is easy to rust, and water leakage will occur in serious cases, especially the aluminum alloy cylinder head. During maintenance, epoxy resin can be used for bonding, or the waterway opening can be reopened after surfacing, or board inlay can be used. The specific maintenance methods of diesel generator cylinder head are as follows:


1. The method of inlaying the patch panel.

(1) The corrosive process is made into a stepped round hole or an oval hole, and its depth is usually 3mm.

(2) The 4mm thick aluminum plate is processed into a patch plate with the same shape as the water channel mouth to ensure proper interference.

(3) Insert the patch plate into the hole with a hammer and a flat gun, then trim it and drill out the water channel. In addition to the interference pressing, the patch panels are bonded by gluing.


2. Methods of repairing damaged screw holes.

Screw hole damage is usually caused by impact damage and metal corrosion, most commonly from underfastening. Improper installation of the stud or excessive tightening force will cause the threaded hole to expand and crack.


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When the thread of the screw hole is damaged by more than 2 teeth, it can be repaired by inlay. Separate the damaged thread, expand it to a certain size and tap new screws, and screw in the screws with external threads. The internal thread of the screw must be the same as the thread specification of the original screw hole. If necessary, a stop screw can be added to the outer diameter of the screw to prevent loosening of the screw. Originally damaged screw holes can also be enlarged and stepped studs used.


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