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How To Repair Damaged Alternator Brush Holder

Apr. 27, 2022

The brushes should always be pressed against the commutator or slip ring with considerable spring force. It can be mounted on a movable lever centered on the brush rod or in a fixed brush holder frame. The brush holder can be perpendicular to the commutator or slip ring surface, or it can be inclined at an angle. The brushes should be able to move freely up and down the brush frame, not so loose that the brushes wobble in the brush holder frame.


The most common types of brush holder damage are as follows.


1. The inner surface of the brush holder is worn.

Improper match between the generator brush and the brush holder frame, coupled with the vibration of the commutator, the inner surface of the brush holder frame is easy to wear. At this time, in addition to checking the commutator, the gap of the brush holder should be corrected, and the burrs on the inner surface of the brush holder should be filed at the same time.


The gap between the brush holder frame and the brush is not allowed to exceed the values in the table below. The distance between the brush holder and the surface of the rotating body should be kept at 2~4mm, the front and rear ends of the brush holder and the plane of the rotating body must keep the same distance, and do not tilt.

the generator


2. The spring loses its elasticity.

When the fittings and insulation are poor, the current flowing through the spring is too large and the annealing effect occurs, resulting in loss of elasticity. At this point, in addition to repairing accessories and insulation, it is also necessary to replace the spring. Self-made springs can be made with wire on a rod of suitable diameter (with a hole at one end).


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