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How To Repair And Replace Diesel Generator Injectors

Dec. 07, 2021

Improper adjustment of the injector of diesel generators, or long-term failure to replace, or long-term failure to replace, causes the injector to wear, damage, fatigue, etc., and cause poor atomization, dripping, insufficient combustion, and formation of black smoke. How to repair and replace the injector of a diesel generator? What should be paid attention to when installing the fuel injector? Next, learn with Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


What maintenance or replacement needs to be carried out after the parts of diesel generator injectors are cleaned?


After cleaning the diesel generator injector parts, if the following abnormalities are found, they should be repaired or replaced.


1. When the two positioning pins are pulled out, the end face of the nozzle combined with the needle valve body is less damaged and can be ground on the grinding disc. When pulling out the positioning pin, be careful not to touch the hair ends.


2. There are scratches on the surface of the injector pressure regulating spring. If there is pitting or permanent deformation, it should be replaced.


3. Carbon deposits on the injector hole wall should be completely eliminated.


4. The diameter of the nozzle assembly is worn out, and the severe oil leakage is replaced.


5. If the nozzle has defects such as wear and enlargement, the quality of the nozzle should be replaced.


6. When the surface of the needle valve and the sealing seat of the valve body is not severely worn, the alumina grinding paste can be used to study and repair each other. When grinding each other, do not use too much force to make the sealing surface reach a uniformly ground and not too wide seal.


7. The backflow or small impurities in the cylinder of the diesel engine enter the fuel injection nozzle, causing the needle valve to become black or stuck. After mutual research, reuse or replace according to the severity of the situation.


What should be paid attention to during the installation of diesel generator injector?


In order to ensure that the parts of the diesel generator injector must be kept clean during the assembly process, pay attention to the sealing performance to ensure that there is no oil leakage and at the same time ensure a reasonable torque range.


diesel generator

1. During the entire assembly process, it is necessary to ensure that the parts are clean, especially the seal parts such as the injector end. Even small messy dust will cause the parts to slide and block, causing the contact surface to be not dense. The surface of the scapula where the close body of the nozzle is in contact with the nozzle must be flat, without carbon or burrs, otherwise it will directly affect the coaxiality and verticality of the nozzle installation, resulting in poor sliding properties.


2. When assembling, screw in the oil inlet pipe joint with filter element first, press the copper sheet tightly, and seal without leakage. Put the pressure regulating spring and the ejector rod into the nozzle, screw in the pressure regulating screw until it touches the pressure regulating spring, and then turn the regulating nut.


3. Put the nozzle upside down on the vise and tighten the nut. The tightening torque is 59~78N (6~8kgf.m). Excessive torque will cause deformation of the needle valve body, which directly affects the sliding degree of the needle valve, too small a torque will cause oil leakage.


4. The assembled nozzle assembly should be sealed on the test bench, and a spray test should be carried out to adjust the opening pressure of the injector.


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