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How To Remove Scale And Carbon Deposits From Diesel Generators

Nov. 12, 2021

The cooling system of diesel generators will deposit a layer of yellowish-white scale on the cooler and pipe wall after long-term use or long-term use. Its main component is carbonate, some are sulfate, and some contain silicon. Scale reduces the cross-sectional area of the pipeline, reduces the thermal conductivity, and reduces the cooling effect, which seriously affects the normal operation of the cooling system and requires regular cleaning.


The method of removing scale can be chemical removal method as follows:


1. Use 3% to 5% trisodium phosphate solution to inject phosphate to remove dirt for 10 to 12 hours, so that the scale will generate salts that are soluble in water, and then rinse with clean water to remove residual alkali salts.


2. Alkali solution to remove scale. For cast iron engine cylinder heads and water jackets, 750g sodium hydroxide, 150g kerosene and 10L of water can be used to prepare a solution, filtered and added to the cooling system for 10-12h, then start the engine and let it run at full speed for 15-20min. The solution was not drained until the solution began to boil, and the solution was rinsed again with water.


15g of sodium silicate can be used for aluminum cylinder heads and water jackets. Add 2g of liquid soap and 1L of mixed solution with water, and pour it into the cooling system to make the engine reach normal operating temperature, after running for 1 hour, drain the cleaning solution and wash with water. The solution concentration of steel parts can be higher, about 10%-15% sodium hydroxide, the concentration of non-ferrous metal parts is lower, about 2%-3% sodium hydroxide is enough.


3. Phosphoric acid, chromic acid, etc. are commonly used methods to remove scale with pickling liquid. Washing with 2.5% hydrochloric acid solution mainly produces CaCl2, MgCl2 and other salts that are easily soluble in water. Add the hydrochloric acid solution to the cooling system, and then discharge the solution after running at full speed for 1 hour. Rinse again with clean water of more than 3 times the capacity of the cooling system. Take 50g/h3PO4.100ml (CrO3) chromic anhydride. Heat 900ml of water, soak for 30~60min. After washing, clean with 0.3% dichromate to remove residual phosphorus and prevent corrosion. The scale of aluminum alloy parts should be cleaned with 5% nitric acid solution or 10%~15% acetic acid solution.


Starlight Power’s warm reminder: The chemical cleaning fluid should be selected according to the composition of the dirt and the material of the parts.


How to remove the coke deposits of diesel generators: When the generator is repaired, the coke deposits are often removed. For example, most of the coke deposits in the engine accumulate on the valve pistons and cylinder heads. The composition of carbon deposits has a great relationship with the structure of the engine, the location of parts, the type of fuel, the type of lubricating oil, the working environment and working hours. A colloidal asphaltene, oil tar, lubricant, oil tar mixture, oil tar, lubricating oil, carbonaceous and other substances cannot be completely burned during the combustion process to produce coke. This carbon deposit affects the heat dissipation effect of some parts of the engine, worsens the heat exchange conditions, affects its combustibility, and even causes cracks in the parts due to overheating. At present, methods such as mechanical cleaning, chemistry, electrolysis, etc. are commonly used to remove the carbon deposits of the unit.


diesel generator

1. The mechanical cleaning method is to remove carbon deposits by scraper and wire brush. In order to improve production efficiency, when using wire brushes, the electric drill can be driven to rotate by a flexible shaft. This method is simple and is often used by small maintenance units, but it is not efficient, it is easy to damage the surface of the parts, and it is difficult to clean up carbon deposits.


Nuclear chip injection can also be used to remove carbon deposits. Because nuclear chips are softer than metals, they will deform when they hit the parts, so there will be no scratches or scratches on the surface of the parts, and the production efficiency is high. This method blows dry and crushes the peach pits in compressed air, and the hard shell of the walnut collides with the surface of the part with carbon deposits, destroying the carbon deposit layer, thereby achieving the purpose of removing.


2. Chemical method for the surface of some finishing parts, when the mechanical cleaning method cannot be used, chemical method can be used. Dip the part in sodium hydroxide. In the cleaning liquid such as sodium carbonate, the temperature is 80-95℃ to dissolve or emulsify the grease and soften the carbon deposits. Take it out after about 2 to 3 hours. Then use a brush to remove the carbon deposits and use 0.1%~0.3% of dichromium. Wash with acid potassium and hot water, and finally blow dry with compressed air.


3. The electrochemical method uses alkaline solution as the electrolyte, the workpiece is joined with the cathode, and the carbon deposit is removed under the combined effect of dehydrogenation in the chemical reaction. This method is more efficient, but it is necessary to master the standard of dust removal. For example, the standard for removing carbon deposits by valve electrochemical method is roughly: voltage 6V, current density 6A/dm2, electrolysis temperature 135~145℃, electrolysis time 5-10min.


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