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How To Protect Diesel Generator Set In Winter

Jan. 16, 2023

Since December, the temperature across the country has decreased in a wide range. The diesel generator set is used as a standby power supply for emergency use. In order to ensure the use efficiency and operation efficiency, we should do a good job in winter protection of the diesel generator set. The biggest problem of diesel generator set in the winter of low temperature environment is the difficulty of starting. Next, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will share the normal operation of diesel generator set in winter.


1. Start mode.

In winter, due to the lower ambient temperature, the first difficulty is the difficulty of starting. When starting in a low temperature environment, the user should take low temperature starting auxiliary measures according to the actual ambient temperature, and then follow the normal starting steps. The correct method of preheating and starting: If conditions permit, it is better to install a jacket heater for the generator set, so that the machine can maintain a certain "temperature" and can run easily at any time. Or first cover the insulation quilt on the water tank, open the drain valve, and continuously inject 60-70 ℃ clean soft water into the water tank. When the water flowing out of the drain valve feels hot, close the drain valve, and then start again.


Note: In winter, the diesel generator set should not be started without water before adding cooling water. This will cause serious damage to the machine.


2. Selection of engine fuel.

Light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter. Generally, the freezing point of diesel engine shall be 7-10 ℃ lower than the local current seasonal temperature. Because the low temperature in winter tends to increase the viscosity of diesel fuel and reduce its fluidity, which leads to the difficulty of diesel fuel spray, resulting in poor atomization and even combustion deterioration.


diesel generator set

3. Selection of lubricating oil.

The engine oil with low freezing point should be selected in winter, and the method of external water bath heating can be used to increase the engine oil temperature during startup. It is not recommended to use an open flame to prevent the oil in the oil pan from deteriorating, or even scorching, and the lubrication performance will be reduced or completely lost, which will aggravate the wear of the machine.


4. Do not put into load operation immediately after starting fire.

After the diesel generator set started and caught fire, some operators could not wait to put into load operation immediately. Due to the low temperature of the engine body and high viscosity of the engine oil, it is difficult for the engine oil to fill the moving friction surface, which will cause serious wear of the engine. In addition, plunger spring, valve spring and injector spring are also easy to break due to "cold brittleness". Therefore, after the diesel generator starts and catches fire in winter, it should idle at low and medium speed for several minutes, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60 ℃.


5. Run at idle speed for a while before stopping.

The diesel generator shall be operated at idle speed before shutdown, and the cooling water temperature shall be reduced to below 60 ℃, and the water shall not be hot, then the fire shall be stopped and the water shall be discharged. If the cooling water is discharged prematurely, the body will suddenly shrink and crack when it is attacked by cold air at high temperature. When draining water, the residual water in the body should be completely drained to prevent it from freezing and expanding, causing the body to expand and crack.


As the temperature decreases, we should do a good job of thermal protection. The maintenance of our diesel generator in winter is also very important. The diesel generator set should not be stored in the open air. When using diesel generator set in winter, pay attention to the heat preservation of the engine body. The low temperature in winter is easy to cause excessive cooling of diesel engine during operation, so heat preservation is the key to make good use of diesel generator set in winter. The diesel generator set used in winter shall be equipped with thermal insulation cover, thermal insulation curtain and other cold-proof equipment.


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