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How To Prevent The Low Pressure Oil Circuit System From Being Blocked

Sep. 13, 2021

With the improvement of the performance of diesel generators, the composition of related oil circuit systems has become more and more sophisticated. However, machinery will inevitably fail, and the highest failure rate is also the low-pressure circuit part of the oil supply system. In the fuel supply system, the low-pressure circuit components are mainly composed of an electric fuel pump, a fuel filter and a fuel tank. The parts where the low-pressure circuit is often blocked are the fuel pipe, filter, diesel filter, fuel tank cap vent, etc. However, in actual work, since the entire circuit may be clogged, it is necessary to prevent the clogging of the circuit in an all-round way.


In the diesel generator fuel supply system, the low-pressure oil circuit components are mainly composed of an electric fuel transfer pump, a fuel pre-filter, a fuel filter and a fuel tank. (1) The electric fuel pump is an eccentric rotor variable capacity roller fuel pump, driven by a permanent magnet DC motor, and its function is to deliver fuel to the high-pressure fuel pump, which is installed in the contact part on the left side of the frame. (2) The fuel pre-filter is similar to the ordinary gasoline paper filter and is a disposable component. (3) The fuel filter includes a housing support and a filter element. A fuel temperature sensor, fuel filter, bypass valve, fuel preheater, etc. are provided on the housing support. The parameters are transmitted to the ECU for the ECU to properly correct the fuel injection volume. When the oil delivery pressure is lower than 60kPa, the blockage signal of the control bypass valve is opened to ensure normal oil supply. The fuel preheater heats the fuel preheater to a suitable temperature when the fuel temperature is lower than 5°C. (4) Fuel tank and mechanical fuel injection pipe, fuel pipe, liquid level sensor, fuel return pipe, etc.


diesel generator set

The following three tasks should be done for the anti-blocking and low resistance of the low-pressure oil circuit system of diesel generators:


1. The most important thing to prevent oil circuit failure is to ensure that the fuel is clean and the oil circuit is sealed. Specifically, diesel oil and filters must be strictly selected. For example, after 48 hours of precipitation before refueling, the refueling tools should be kept clean. It is best to use a sealed pipe to refuel. Be careful not to insert the suction pipe into the bottom of the barrel. tank.


2. The oil circuit should be maintained regularly, and the maintenance and cleaning must be thorough, and no impurities should be mixed in, and the oil pipe should not be dented.


3. Strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of the diesel filter, clean or replace the filter element in time, clean the diesel tank in time according to the working environment, and thoroughly remove the sludge and moisture at the bottom of the fuel tank. In addition, oil bottles, cotton yarn and other items must not be brought into the fuel tank, so as to prevent sundries, cotton yarn and other items that are easy to block into the fuel tank.


Due to the large number and complexity of diesel generator components, inspection and maintenance are difficult, and the anti-blocking measures of the oil pressure circuit system can refer to the above three methods. In addition, it should be noted that the parts on the oil circuit are all precision parts, and the tightness and cleanliness of the engine oil circuit are very high. Therefore, all the problems in the oil circuit must be replaced, and the oil circuit must be used reluctantly after repair. When the oil circuit fails, in order to improve efficiency, conditions can be replaced, including filters, oil pumps, valve bodies, pipelines, etc.


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