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How To Prevent Or Reduce The Wear Of Diesel Generator Set Parts

Jan. 10, 2023

During the operation of diesel generator set, generator wear is essential, so we should pay attention to the wear of generator set parts. The wear of parts will lead to the failure of parts, thus affecting the normal operation of diesel generator set. So how to prevent or reduce the wear of diesel generator set parts?


1. Lubrication.

The most effective way to reduce friction and wear is to select appropriate lubricants and lubrication methods and replace dry friction with ideal fluid friction. For diesel generator sets, the appropriate brand of lubricating oil shall be selected according to the specific requirements of different engines, seasons and regions of use.


2. Select materials correctly.

According to the form of basic wear, the correct selection of materials is one of the key factors to improve the wear resistance of mechanical equipment parts. Materials with high fatigue strength, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance shall be selected during design and manufacturing. At the same time, attention should be paid to the mutual solubility of matching materials to make them have a suitable combination.


diesel generator set

3. Conduct surface treatment.

By using various surface treatment methods, such as surface heat treatment (steel surface quenching, etc.), surface chemical heat treatment (steel surface carburizing, nitriding, etc.), spraying, spray welding, coating, deposition, rolling, etc., to improve the wear resistance of the surface. This is one of the most effective and economical methods.


4. Reasonable structural design.

Correct and reasonable structural design is an effective way to reduce the wear of mechanical equipment parts and improve their wear resistance. The structure shall be conducive to the formation and recovery of the surface protective film between the friction pairs, the uniform distribution of pressure, the escape of friction heat, the discharge of abrasive debris and the prevention of the entry of external abrasive and dust. In the structural design, the replacement principle can be applied, that is, one part of the system is allowed to wear to protect another important part. The transfer principle can also be used, that is, to allow another part in the friction pair to wear rapidly and protect valuable parts.


5. Improve working conditions.

Try to avoid excessive load, excessive movement speed and working temperature, and create good environmental conditions.


6. Improve the repair quality.

Improving machining quality, repair quality, assembly quality and installation quality are effective measures to prevent and reduce wear.


7. Use and maintain correctly.

Scientific management should be strengthened, personnel training should be carried out regularly, and operating procedures and other relevant rules and regulations should be strictly implemented. The equipment shall be properly run-in at the initial stage of use. In the process of use, the oil supply system, air intake system and lubrication system should be well maintained to prevent the generation and invasion of abrasive. Advanced monitoring and testing technology shall be adopted as far as possible.


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