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How To Polish Or File The Valve Working Surface Of Diesel Generator

Sep. 06, 2023

Grinding the working face of diesel generator valve, according to the equipment situation, can be trimmed by two methods: smooth filing or grinding. The polishing machine can be performed on a valve polishing machine, the filing can be done with a file on a bench drill or a lathe, or directly with a file.


The structure of the polisher is provided with vertical and horizontal carriages on its base. Longitudinal movement can be done through the handle, and a motor and two left and right grinding wheels are installed above it. The horizontal carriage can be moved horizontally by a handle, and a valve clamp frame is installed on it. The clamp is attached with a scale, and the position of the required angle can be adjusted after loosening the fixing screw on the clamp. The smooth grinding method of diesel generator valve includes the following steps:


1. Check the surface condition of the grinding wheel, if it is not flat, use emery to trim it.


2. Choose a suitable sandwich according to the outer diameter of the valve stem, and fix the valve on the clamping frame straight and steadily (the protruding length of the valve head is about 40mm), and the valve should not be in contact with the grinding wheel.


3. Full valve clamp, keep the valve angle consistent with the angle (30° or 45°) of the working surface of the grinding wheel, and tighten the nut at the same time.


4. Polished. First turn on the motor on the fixture to check whether the valve shakes. When the valve does not move, start the grinding wheel motor for smooth grinding.


When grinding, turn the horizontal handle with one hand to move the valve slowly to the right, and turn the longitudinal handle with the other hand to make the grinding wheel gradually approach the working surface of the valve. During the grinding process, do not make the grinding volume too large, and turn the horizontal handle back and forth to make the valve surface move left and right on the surface of the grinding wheel to keep the grinding wheel flat. But it should be noted that: the valve movement should not exceed the surface of the grinding wheel, so as not to break the grinding wheel and the valve. The polishing machine swings back the grinding wheel and turns off the motor.


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In addition, during the polishing process, it should be noted that the rotation speed of the grinding wheel and the valve are different, the coolant switch should be turned on, and the coolant should be turned on for wet grinding to reduce heat and working surface roughness.


No. 5.00 emery cloth polishes the valve working surface.


Filing of diesel generator valve working surface can be used for bench drills or lathes, or directly filed with a file, the method is as follows:


1. File off the bench drill or lathe.

First, clamp the valve on the bench drill chuck or lathe, start the motor, use a thin flat blunt knife along the original working angle to grind away defects such as pits, depressions, spots, etc., and finally polish the valve during grinding. In the grinding process, the amount of metal grinding should be reduced as much as possible, so as not to affect the smoothness of the inclined surface, and the speed should not be too fast to avoid the phenomenon of filing. During blunt grinding, when obvious pulsation occurs on the inclined surface of the valve head, it may be caused by incorrect valve or valve stem bending. The valve stem should be clamped or corrected again.


2. Grind the surface of the valve with a file.

This method is implemented without using the devices mentioned above. The method is: hold the valve with your left hand and keep it at a certain angle, file with a file in your right hand, file the edge of the valve to make the periphery of the valve smooth, and finally put a layer of emery cloth on the blunt knife to polish the valve.


It can be seen from the above-mentioned smoothing process of the valve that the smoothing of the valve solves the contradiction of loose valve closing and air leakage due to wear, ablation and other reasons. However, after multiple polishing, the thickness of the valve head edge will gradually decrease. If the valve head edge thickness is too thin, it is prone to warping during work. Therefore, when the thickness of the valve end of the gasoline engine is less than 0.5mm, the side thickness of the valve head is less than 1mm, and the valve head of the diesel generator is thick, ventilation is required.


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