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How to Measure The Torque of Diesel Generator Set?

Jul. 27, 2023

How should the torque of a diesel generator set be measured? Use a torque meter to measure the torque of the diesel generator set. Its working principle is to measure the torque value by measuring the torsional deformation generated when the shaft (using a special coupling or using an actual transmission shaft) transmits torque. The measurement of torsional deformation (torsional angle) can be performed using mechanical, optical, or electrical methods. The following describes two commonly used torque meters for torque measurement of diesel generator sets.

diesel genset

1. Phase difference torque meter

It uses the working principle that the phase difference of the torsion angle generated on two sections spaced apart by a certain distance within the elastic deformation range of the intermediate shaft is proportional to the distance value. On two cross sections with a distance of L, two sensors with similar performance are installed. During operation, each revolution produces a pulse signal on the sensor, and the shaft undergoes torsional deformation due to torque. There is a phase difference between the two rows of pulse waveforms obtained from the two sensors that is proportional to the torque angle. This phase difference is introduced into the measurement circuit, and its torque value can be displayed after data processing.

2. Strain type torque meter

It uses the strain gauge to measure the ancestral moment. When the rotating shaft is subjected to torque, only shear stress is generated, and the stress on the outer circular surface of the shaft is the largest. The two main stress axes form an angle of 45 ° or 135 °, and the strain gauge is pasted on the main stress direction of the measuring point to measure the strain value, thereby indicating the torque value.

In order to improve the measurement sensitivity, four strain gauges are used to evenly distribute the tensile and compressive stresses. The four strain gauges form a full bridge circuit, ensuring that the measurement is a pure torque value.

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