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How To Make Diesel Generator Survive Winter Safely

May. 17, 2023

Winter has come quietly, however, how to make the expensive and practical diesel generator survive the winter safely is a concern of many users. Now let's share with you the precautions for the use of diesel generator sets in winter by the editor of Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


1. Choose diesel fuel with caution.

In winter, light diesel with low pour point and good ignition performance should be selected, and the pour point of diesel should be 7-10 ℃ lower than the lowest temperature in the local season. Because the low air temperature in winter will reduce the fluidity of diesel oil, increase the viscosity and make it difficult to spray, which will easily lead to poor atomization and insufficient combustion, thus leading to the power decline of diesel generator and waste.


2. It is not advisable to discharge water too early or not to discharge cooling water.

Before turning off the engine, idle the engine and wait for the temperature of the cooling water to drop below 60 ℃. If the water is not difficult, then turn off the engine and rest assured. If the cooling water is discharged too early, the body will suddenly shrink and crack due to the invasion of cold air when the temperature is high. When draining water, the remaining water in the body should be thoroughly drained to avoid freezing and swelling, which may cause the body to crack.


diesel generator

3. It is not advisable to use an open flame for combustion starting.

Do not remove the air filter. Dip cotton yarn in diesel and ignite it, then make a igniter and place it in the intake pipe to support combustion and start the engine. In this way, during the starting process, the dusty air from the outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered, causing abnormal wear of components such as pistons and cylinders, and also causing rough operation of the diesel engine, endangering the machine.


4. After starting the diesel engine, it should first run at low speed for 3-5 minutes to increase the overall temperature of the diesel engine, check the working condition of the lubricating oil, and only after checking it to be normal can it be put into normal operation. During the operation of a diesel engine, try to minimize sudden acceleration or maximum throttle operation, otherwise prolonged operation may affect the service life of the valve components.


5. Attention should be paid to the insulation of the body.

Low winter temperatures can easily cause excessive cooling during diesel engine operation. Therefore, thermal insulation is a necessary measure to extend the life of diesel generator set in winter. In northern areas, diesel generator sets used in winter should be equipped with cold proof equipment such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains.


6. It is not advisable to bake the oil pan with open fire.

Avoid causing the oil in the oil pan to deteriorate, even burn, reduce smooth function or completely lose, and then exacerbate machine wear. Low pour point engine oil should be used in winter, and external water bath heating can be used to increase the engine oil temperature when starting.


Do you want to use the diesel generator set more smoothly in cold winter? So please follow the method shared by the editor and everyone.


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