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How To Maintain The Low Pressure Oil Circuit System Of The Diesel Engine

Mar. 15, 2022

Taking the Deutz BFM1013 diesel engine as an example, the pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit of the BFM1013 unit pump diesel engine has two systems of 0.3MPa and 0.5MPa. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the pressure value of the low-pressure oil circuit system of the diesel engine.


The stability of the pressure in the low pressure oil circuit is crucial to the power output of the diesel engine. When the power of the diesel engine is insufficient, the pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit controlled by the oil return relief valve (the position shown by the arrow in the figure) should be measured first. The main reason for the oil leakage of the injector is the cavitation of the injector components caused by the insufficient pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit.


Therefore, the pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit should be ensured and the diesel filter should be replaced or cleaned in time. Since the unit pump system has high requirements on the pre-pressure of the fuel, it is necessary to detect the pressure of the fuel system. If the measured pressure is lower than the specified value, the oil transfer pump and the oil return one-way meter must be checked. Low pressure oil circuit pressure limit value:


For 0.3MPa system, when n=2200r/min, P≥0.20MPa.


For 0.5MPa system, when n=2300r/min, P≥0.45MPa.


Because the fuel system of the BFM1013 diesel engine needs a lot of fuel for cooling, the rotor type fuel transfer pump without diaphragm is selected, and the fuel supply volume is 12L/min when the fuel supply pressure is 0.5MPa, in order to ensure the fuel supply volume, the oil return pipe ( Relief valve), when the diesel engine is running at maximum idle, there should be at least 8L/min of oil return.


diesel engine

Since the fuel supply of the fuel pump is 10 times larger than the demand of the fuel injection pump, a large amount of excess fuel is returned to the fuel tank through the pressure limiting valve and the fuel return pipe. A small amount of fuel leaked from the working gap of the precise components of the fuel injector is also returned to the fuel tank through the fuel return pipe. Thereby, it plays the role of cooling the fuel injector, etc., and can use a large amount of backflow fuel to discharge the air in the oil circuit, which has the effect of automatically exhausting the air.


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