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How To Maintain The Intercooler Of 800kw Yuchai Generator

Mar. 04, 2022

Generally speaking, the air cooler in the supercharging system of the 800kw Yuchai generator is installed in front of the diesel engine together with the radiator, and the radiator is cooled by the exhaust fan in the car and the oncoming wind. Poor heat dissipation of the intercooler will lead to insufficient diesel power and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the intercooler should be inspected and maintained regularly, mainly including:


1. External cleaning (on-vehicle cleaning method). Since the intercooler is mounted in the front, the cooling fin passages of the intercooler are often blocked by leaves and sludge (hydraulic oil overflowing from the steering tank), hindering the cooling of the intercooler. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the intercooler regularly. The cleaning method is to use a low-pressure water gun to wash slowly from top to bottom or from bottom to top at an angle perpendicular to the plane of the intercooler, but oblique flushing is not allowed to avoid damage to the intercooler.


2. Internal cleaning inspection (disintegration inspection cleaning method). The internal pipes of the intercooler of 800kw Yuchai generator often adhere to dirt such as sludge and colloid, which not only narrows the air flow path, but also reduces the heat exchange capacity. Therefore, maintenance and cleaning are necessary. Generally once a year, or when the diesel engine is overhauled or the radiator is repaired, the internal parts of the intercooler should be cleaned and checked.


Cleaning method: add 2% soda water (coolant temperature 70-80℃), put it into the 800kw Yuchai generator intercooler, fill it up, wait for 15 minutes, and observe whether the intercooler leaks. If there is, it should be disassembled for inspection and repaired by welding (same as the radiator). If there is no leakage, shake it back and forth a few times, pour out the washing liquid, and then pour in clean soda water to rinse it until it is relatively clean. Then add clean hot water (80-90°C) to wash until the drained water is clean.


Yuchai generator

3. If there is oil stain on the outside of the intercooler of the 800kw Yuchai generator, it can also be cleaned with alkaline water. The method is: soak the oil stains in an alkaline solution and remove them with a brush.


4. After cleaning, use compressed air to blow or air dry the water in the intercooler, or when installing the intercooler, start the diesel engine without connecting the intercooler to the diesel engine. When there is no water at the outlet of the intercooler, connect it again. Diesel intake pipe. If serious dirt is found in the core of the intercooler, carefully check the air filter and intake pipe for leaks and troubleshoot.


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