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How To Maintain The Diesel Generator Set After Soaking In Water

Dec. 11, 2021

During the preservation period of the diesel generator set, considering the user's negligence in storage or the flooding of the basement machine room, how to quickly solve it at this time to effectively ensure the normal start-up and operation of the generator set? The following starlight technology teaches you several methods how to repair the water soaking unit.


1. It is not recommended to turn on the diesel generator set after soaking in water. First, rinse the surface of the diesel engine with clean water to remove mud and dirt, and then use metal cleaner or soap powder to clean the surface layer of stains.


2. Prop up one side of the diesel generator so that the diesel engine oil pan to the oil component is in the lowest area, unscrew the oil drain plug, pull out the oil dipstick, and let the water in the oil pan drain by itself and flow to the engine oil part. Let the oil and water release a small amount together and screw on the oil drain plug.


3. Remove the air filter, remove the filter upper shell, take out the filter element and other components, remove the water in the filter, and wash the parts with metal cleaner or diesel. If the filter is plastic foam, it should be washed with soap powder or soapy water (gasoline is prohibited), then rinsed with clean water, dried, and then soaked in a proper amount of engine oil (after soaking, squeeze dry with all your hands). The oil immersion should also be realized when refitting the new filter. If the filter element is a paper file, it must be replaced with a new one. After the parts of the filter are rinsed and dried, they should be installed in accordance with the regulations.


generator set

4. Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and the muffler to remove the water accumulated in the internal structure. Rotate the diesel engine with pressure relief to see if there is any water discharge at the intake and exhaust ports. If there is water discharge, then crank the crankshaft until all the water in the cylinder is drained. Install the intake and exhaust pipes and the muffler, add a little oil to the air inlet, rotate the crankshaft several times, and then install the air filter.


5. Remove the fuel tank and drain all the oil and water in it. Check whether there is water in the diesel filter and the oil pipe. If there is water, drain it. Flush the fuel tank and diesel filter, then install it back in place, connect the fuel line, and add clean diesel to the fuel tank.


6. Release the sewage in the water tank and canal to flush the canal. Use the throttle switch to turn on the diesel. After the diesel engine is turned on, pay attention to the rising phenomenon of the oil indicator and listen for the abnormal sound of the diesel engine. After checking whether each component is okay or not, the running-in period of the diesel engine is first idling, then middle speed, and then high speed in the running-in period. The operating time is 5 minutes each. After the running-in period, stop the engine to release the engine oil, add new engine oil again, turn on the diesel engine, and operate at a medium speed for 5 minutes, and it can be used without any problems.


7. Remove the generator, inspect the stator and rotor of the generator's internal structure, and make the device only after drying.


During the period of use, if the generator set is not working properly, the maintenance personnel of the diesel generator manufacturer need to solve it, especially after the motor gets wet, it must be dried and arranged as soon as possible. Only early emergency measures can ensure the service life and work efficiency of the generator set.


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