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How To Maintain The Diesel Engine Oil Bath Air Filter

Mar. 11, 2022

The maintenance method of diesel engine oil bath air filter is as follows:


1. The working principle of the oil bath air filter: The rapidly rotating airflow will lift up the oil, and use the viscosity of the oil to absorb dust and impurities in the air, while the oil particles generated by the oil will be removed by the steel wire filter element. Adsorption and interception, so that the impurities in the air are effectively removed to achieve the effect of filtration. The filtration process is when the air containing impurities passes through the oil basin, so that the impurities in the air come into contact with the oil and make them adhere to the oil film. Then the air passes through the wire filter layer, so that the impurities wrapped by the oil film adhere to the wire, and the primary filtration of the air is achieved. In principle, the intake air cannot be filtered with a single-stage oil bath air filter. The more common structure is combined with a dry paper air filter to form a secondary filter. The air filtered by the oil bath filter element enters the paper air filter element for fine filtration, and then enters the diesel engine cylinder.


2. Maintenance requirements for oil bath air filter.


(1) The new car may not be filled with oil before it leaves the factory, and it must be carefully checked before use.


(2) Oil needs to be filled for the first time. The type of oil to be filled is the same as that of the diesel engine. When filling oil, the depth of oil should not exceed the specified marking line (if there is no marking line, the filling depth should not exceed 30mm). Overfilling may cause oil dripping failure at the outlet of the exhaust pipe.


(3) When the oil basin of the engine is shaken and the oil is not easy to flow, it is necessary to clean the filter element and replace the oil. Under particularly harsh conditions of use, daily inspections are necessary.


Under normal circumstances, the oil can be used continuously for 80-150h. The filter can be used for a long time and does not need to be replaced.


(4) Before starting the diesel engine for the first time every day, pay attention to check whether the connecting bolts or hooks between the casing and the oil basin are loose and fastened.

diesel engine


3. Disassembly, inspection and cleaning steps.

(1) Stop the vehicle for more than 10 minutes, so that the oil in the air filter can fully flow down and accumulate in the oil basin.

(2) Loosen the clamp 2 on the casing, remove the oil basin 3 and the filter 4, be careful not to damage the gasket 5.

(3) Pour out the dirty oil and sludge, and clean the oil bowl.

(4) Clean the filter element in diesel oil and drip dry.

(5) If the shell is dirty, also clean it together.

(6) Check the gaskets 5 and 6 and replace them if necessary.

(7) Add the same oil as the diesel engine to the oil basin to the scale indicated by the arrow.

(8) Install the relevant parts in reverse, and then tighten the relevant bolts after tightening the clamp.


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