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How To Maintain The Air Filter And Intake Pipe For Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 19, 2023

The air filter is an intake filtration treatment device that protects the normal operation of the engine. Its function is to filter the dust and impurities contained in the air entering the engine, so as to reduce the abnormal wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring, and prolong the service life of the engine.


Do not run the diesel engine without an air filter, remember the prescribed maintenance and replacement cycle, and clean the air filter or replace the filter element according to the maintenance requirements. When used in a dusty environment, the cleaning and replacement cycle of the filter element should be appropriately shortened. When the air intake resistance is too large and the air filter blockage alarm alarms, the air filter element should also be cleaned or replaced.


When storing the empty filter element, do not open it for storage, or stack it on a damp floor. Check the filter element before using it, and use the recommended type of filter element. Random replacement of filter elements of different specifications is also the main factor that causes diesel engine failures.


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The intake pipe should also be checked regularly or irregularly for damage, cracked hoses, loose clamps, etc. If it is found that the fixing bolts are loose, and the connecting hoses are aging or damaged, they should be handled and replaced in time, especially the pipeline between the air filter and the turbocharger should be paid special attention. If the diesel engine works for a long time in a state where the connecting hose is not tightly sealed or damaged (the air filter is short-circuited), the air entering the cylinder will be too dirty, and the sand and dust will exceed the standard, thereby accelerating the early wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring. This will lead to failures such as cylinder pulling, blow-by gas, sticking rings and burning lubricating oil, and will also accelerate the pollution of lubricating oil.


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