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How To Maintain And Repair Diesel Engine Slip Rings

Apr. 28, 2022

Diesel generator slip rings and commutators should keep the surface clean, and use the above maintenance methods to remove dust and grease. Engine slip rings are made of copper or bronze, mostly castings. The slip rings of synchronous generators passing through DC are mostly made of copper.


The structure of the slip ring is much simpler than that of the converter. The common ones are tight ring type, assembled type, screw type and plastic slip ring. The main difference is that the fixing method of the ring is different. They have a common feature that the ring and the sleeve are fixed together and insulated from each other (that is, the ring is insulated from the ring, and the rings are insulated from the sleeve).


Common faults of slip rings are spots, brush marks, black belts, unevenness, burns, wear, roughness, ovals, surface peeling, etc. According to the severity of the fault, the simplicity of disassembly and assembly, etc., different repair methods are used.


1. The surface is slightly damaged, such as spots, brush marks, mild abrasions, etc. First, use a fine plate file, oil stone, etc. to grind under the condition of rotation. After grinding until the surface fault is cleared, then use No. 00 sandpaper to polish under high-speed rotation. The surface roughness reaches 3.2~6.3 and can be used again.


Diesel generator

2. The grooves, burns, and concavities and convexities on the surface of the slip ring are relatively serious, more than 1mm below the plane, and the damaged area accounts for 20% to 30% of the area of the slip ring, and is located on the friction surface of the brush, which should be repaired on a lathe.


3. When the slip ring has cracks, it is generally replaced. If it is not replaced, it needs to be carefully identified and corresponding measures should be taken before it can continue to be used.


4. Replace the slip ring with a new one. In small and medium-sized motors, due to the complex formula and die of plastic slip rings, when replacing plastic slip rings, if there are no spare parts, they are often converted into tight ring slip rings or assembled slip rings.


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