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After 500kW Volvo Generator Runs for a Long Time, How to Maintain?

Nov. 29, 2019

If we can inspect and maintain 500kw Volvo generator after it runs for a long time, we will reduce more unnecessary troubles. So, how we should inspect and maintain? Please follow us.


1.Primary technical maintenance: 50-80 hours. (Added to the content of daily maintenance)

A. Replace and clean air filter if necessary. The air filter is an unconspicuous but important part of the whole diesel generator set. Once the air filter is too dirty, it may cause serious mechanical accidents, especially in the environment and areas with poor air quality. In order to avoid shortening the service life of diesel generator, after shutdown, check the air filter in time and whether the air filter is blockage and damage. If so, clean and replace it in time.

B. Check and replace the fuel filter and water filter;

C. Check the tension of the drive belt;

D. Add lubricating oil to all oil injection nozzles and lubricating parts;

E. Replace cooling water.

Volvo power generators

2.Secondary technical maintenance: 250-300 hours. (Added to the contents of daily maintenance and primary maintenance)

A. Clean the piston, piston pin, cylinder sleeve, piston ring and connecting rod bearing of diesel generator regularly, and check its wear situation;

B. Check whether the inner and outer rings of the rolling main bearing are loose;

C. Remove the scale and sediment in the water channel of the cooling water system;

D. Remove the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber of the cylinder and the inlet and exhaust pipe;

E. Check the matching wear of valve, valve seat, push rod and rocker arm, and make grinding adjustment;

F. Clean the carbon deposit on the turbocharger rotor, check the wear situation of the bearing and impeller, and repair them if necessary;

G. Check whether the bolts of the coupling between the diesel generator and the diesel engine are loose and slip. If there is problem, should replace in time.

3.There-level technical maintenance: 500-1000 hours. (Added to the contents of daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance)

A. Check and adjust fuel injection lift angle;

B. Clean the fuel tank;

C. Clean the oil pan;

D. Check the atomization of fuel injection nozzle.


Diesel engine is easy to break down when diesel generator set runs for a long time, we must also pay attention to the overall inspection of the diesel engine. If not found and handled in time, the generator set may be damaged over time.

After the above technical maintenance, it can basically help the use of 500kw Volvo diesel generator, reduce the probability of failure, and extend the service life.


4.Medium maintenance

After the diesel generator set runs total 6000-8000 hours, we can carry out medium maintenance. The specific maintenance contents are as follows:

A. Check the wear degree of the valve and valve seat, and repair or replace if necessary;

B. Check the working condition of PT pump and fuel injector, repair and adjust if necessary;

C. Check and adjust the torque between connecting rod and every fastening screw;

D. Check and adjust the valve clearance of diesel generator set;

E. Adjust the fuel injector stroke;

F. Check and adjust the tension of fan charger belt;

G. Clean the carbon deposit in the intake branch pipe;

H. Clean intercooler core;

I. Clean the whole oil lubrication system of the diesel generator set;

J. Clean the oil sludge and metal scrap of rocker arm chamber and oil pan;

K. Check the easy-to-break parts of cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, intake and exhaust valve, etc. crank and connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, lubrication system, cooling system. Replace if necessary;

L. Check the fuel supply system of diesel generator set and adjust the oil nozzle of oil pump;

M. Repair and test the electric ball of the generator, clean the grease and sediment, and lubricate the electric ball bearing.


In order to prolong the service life of 500kw Volvo diesel generator set, attention should be paid to maintenance. Be sure to unload the load before shutdown, and do not shut down with load. Try not to operate the generator set with high power for a long time under the condition of poor environment, and check it regularly.

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