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How To Judge Whether The Cooling System Of Diesel Generator Is Leaking

Sep. 24, 2021

The cooling system of diesel generators is mainly composed of pumps, fans, cooling tanks, instruments, temperature regulators, cylinder head outlet pipes, and water jackets formed in the cylinder body. Diesel generators mainly have two types, water cooling and air cooling. Some small diesel engines are air-cooled. Does the cooling system leak water in a timely manner to release part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts? What is the cause of water leakage in the cooler? Now let us study together.


(1) Determine where the radiator is leaking. The main problem with the cooling system is water leakage. The main cause of leakage is frost cracking or improper use. Water injection and air pumping methods can be used to determine where the radiator leaks. Before inspection, remove the radiator and place it on it. The sewer is blocked, then check. The irrigation method is to inject hot water into the radiator, and see where it seeps out, and you can find the cracks. If a small amount of propanol is added to the coolant, the propanol will discharge special gas from the leak, and the leak will be found soon, which is helpful to find the tiny or hidden leak. Pumping is to immerse the radiator in water, and then use a pump to inflate the radiator. Where bubbles escape, that is to say, there is water leakage. According to the radiator rupture and the degree of leakage, different repair methods are adopted, and the radiator core tube is replaced if necessary.


If the number of leaking radiator core tubes does not exceed 10% of the total number of radiator core tubes, it can be repaired by plugging the core tubes. If the number of leaked radiator core tubes exceeds 15%, this method cannot be used to avoid reducing the cooling effect of the cooling system. Welding supplementary method can be used to weld individual leakage parts of the radiator core tube. In addition, adding an appropriate amount (about 40g) of catechu (Chinese medicine chemical composition) to the radiator can seal small cracks. When the temperature of the diesel generator coolant rises, it will be dissolved and the coolant will circulate in the cooling system to close the leaking part.


diesel generator

(2) Judgment of the water leakage failure of the cooling system. The leakage of the cooling system of the internal combustion engine not only increases the consumption of the combustion fluid, but also the oil level of the fuel tank rises after the coolant leaks into the fuel tank, which affects the normal operation of the lubrication system. When the coolant consumption of the diesel generator increases significantly or the oil level of the oil pan rises abnormally, it can be judged whether the cooling system is leaking.


The causes of water leakage in the cooling system of diesel generators are:

1. The connecting pipes of the cooling system are loose or broken, or the core pipe of the radiator is damaged, causing coolant leakage.

2. The water seal part of the water pump (such as 195T diesel engine) is not tightly sealed or the water seal spring is broken, and the wire retaining ring is damaged.

3. The water blocking ring under the cylinder liner is damaged, or the cylinder head gasket is damaged, the joint surface of the cylinder head and the cylinder is not smooth, cracks, etc.

4. Cylinder water jacket leaks due to casting defects or cracks. Water leakage in the cooling system of diesel generators should be eliminated in time, and coolant should be added to prevent diesel generators from overheating due to insufficient coolant, which will affect the lubrication effect.


(3) The reason why the single-cylinder radiator cannot float in water. SI95.Xl95 diesel engines all adopt evaporative cooling system. The water level indicator in the radiator, namely the float, indicates the flow of the coolant, and the float rises when it is full. But sometimes the water level in the radiator is normal and the water float cannot float, indicating that the water float is faulty. The reasons for the inability to work are: the water float rod is bent, stuck in the sleeve hole, the water float is on, water seepage or fall off at the glued part of the lower shell, the water float and the rod fall off, etc. During use, if the water float is found to be abnormal, it must be repaired or replaced immediately, so as not to find it in time when the coolant is insufficient, causing the diesel generator to overheat and causing serious consequences.


The function of the diesel generator cooling system is to ensure that the engine works at normal temperature, so that the heat generated by the engine work is dissipated to cool it, and the working status of the cooling system is checked frequently to avoid water shortage, water leakage, wind direction, and air. The flow is not correct to prevent damage to the diesel generator. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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