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How To Judge The Starting Motor Quality Of Diesel Generator

Jul. 06, 2021

Check whether the starting motor of the diesel generator is normal, usually energized, to observe whether it can operate and whether the speed is high after energized, whether the sound is uniform and powerful. When checking, it can be placed on the ground separately and stabilized. If the starter speed is very high after power, and the sound is uniform and powerful, it shows good performance.


To eliminate the abnormal sound of the starter, the first thing to do is to understand the time when the failure of the diesel generator occurs, because the time of the starter noise generated by different factors is different. The main switch of the starter is switched on too early, and the driving gear does not mesh well with the gear ring of the diesel engine flywheel. The driving gear of the starter strikes the flywheel at the diesel engine flywheel, resulting in a sharp tooth percussion sound. It is not suitable to start the diesel engine at this time. It is necessary to adjust the travel of the moving core of the electromagnetic switch to delay the engagement time of the moving and static contacts of the switch. After the starter drive gear meshing with flywheel gear ring drives the crankshaft of diesel engine to operate, the sudden meshing impact noise is generally caused by poor meshing or the damage of the starter one-way clutch.

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Check the flywheel gear ring and starter drive teeth, unidirectional clutch roller and wedge groove wear, unidirectional clutch slip, also can produce this fault. When the ignition switch is returned to the ON position after the diesel engine is started, the noise generated by the starter is generally caused by the departure of the starter drive gear from the flywheel gear ring. At this point, the high-speed spinning flywheel pulls the gear to move in the same direction. Due to the unidirectional action of the unidirectional clutch, the starter will not be subjected to too much reverse impact load, but it produces noise, indicating that there are problems in the circuit or mechanical aspects.


Remove the wire on the starting electromagnetic switch terminal of the diesel generator. If the sound disappears, it indicates that the fault is caused by the failure of the circuit from the ignition switch to the starting switch terminal. After removing the wire, the fault still exists, and the gear can not automatically return to the position, it is mostly due to the friction clutch gear stuck in the flywheel caused by.


At this time, the flywheel gear ring wear, whether the driving gear moves freely on the electric pivot, whether the dialing fork is installed in reverse, whether the movable core of the electromagnetic switch is stuck, whether the return spring is too soft, whether the movable contact plate and the fixed contact plate are adhered to due to ablation, and whether the one-way clutch slips, etc., should be checked and eliminated.


If the starter of the diesel generator is damaged, it should be sent to a professional repair place to deal with. By all means, do not disassemble and repair blindly, so as to avoid greater failure due to improper maintenance.


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