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How To Judge The Sound Of Diesel Generator Piston Ring And Piston Pin

Dec. 24, 2021

Due to the influence of factors such as high temperature, high pressure and reciprocating motion, the piston ring of diesel generator wears intensified during long-term use. After grinding to a certain extent, the elasticity of the piston ring begins to decrease, the end clearance, backlash and backlash will gradually increase, and the sealing performance of the combustion chamber will be weakened.


How to diagnose and deal with abnormal noise of diesel generator piston ring?


1. When the diesel generator is running, open the fuel cap and observe the smoke. If there is smoke, cut off the oil cylinder by cylinder. If the smoke is reduced or disappeared, and the sound disappears, it means that the piston ring groove is too worn or the piston ring is broken, and it should be repaired in time.


2. If there is no change in the sound of the oil pressure test, and a flat-head screw is used on the cylinder head and there is obvious vibration, it is the sound made when the piston ring collides with the cylinder shoulder at the wear part of the cylinder. At this time, the oil cylinder should be re-dressed to prevent the piston ring from rupturing.


3. When checking the heating device, you can inject a small amount of lubricating oil, rotate the crankshaft, reinstall the fuel injector, and start the diesel generator. If the sound weakens or disappears in a short time, the piston ring and the cylinder wall are not properly sealed. If after the oil is filled, there is still smoke or more from the oil port, then the piston ring counterpoint is diagnosed as the piston ring counterpoint(The opening gap of each piston ring is installed in the same direction. During the installation process, the opening spacing of two adjacent piston rings should be staggered by 120°-180°), or the piston ring is stuck in the ring groove and loses its elasticity. Maintenance should be carried out to completely remove the carbon deposits.


Why does the piston pin of a diesel generator make a metallic noise?

When the diesel generator is at the same speed, the sound of the piston pin is sharper and more continuous than the sound of the piston. It accelerates when idling, and the sound is clearest. The reasons for the abnormal noise are as follows:


diesel generator

Reason 1: The piston pin of the diesel generator and the pin seat hole are loose.


Reason 2: There is too much wear on the piston pin and connecting rod bearing bush of the diesel generator, which makes the matching clearance too large.


Reason 3: The oil pressure of the diesel generator is too low, and poor lubrication causes severe ablation of the piston pin.


Reason 4: The piston pin snap ring of the diesel generator is disengaged, allowing the piston pin to move freely.


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