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How to Judge Recovery Price of Used Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 22, 2019

Spare used diesel generators are not used, and they occupy the place. How much is the recovery value of used diesel generator sets?


Through many years of market research and statistics, we basically know the recycling price and make a used diesel generator recovery price list for comparison. Take 40kw Cummins diesel genset as an example:


1 year

2 years

3 years

5 years

10 years

Recovery price (RMB)






The recovery price of used diesel generators is mainly affected by the brand, power, year and other factors etc., including engine brand and generator brand. Because engine and alternator is the main part of diesel genset.

As time goes on, diesel generator sets depreciate year by year, that is to say, the longer the year is, the less price it is, and the greater the power is, the more valuable it is. In generally, brands are divided into imported brands, domestic first-line brands, and other domestic brands. The recovery price will be different with different brands.

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How to judge the recovery price of used diesel generator set?

1.It is necessary to know the history, usage and sales reasons of the diesel generator set, as well as the past maintenance situation and which important parts have been replaced. Know what are the problems in use, so as to understand the wear condition of diesel generator set more comprehensively and systematically.

2.Check the mechanical parts of the unit for wear or fatigue by visual inspection. If problems are found, replace them and better use the parts recommended by the manufacturer.

3.Through the complete weld, check the electrical components and complete winding at the same time, carry out the breakdown test on the wire insulation, and replace any parts that do not meet the requirements of the trademark.

4.Replace the bearings and bushings to ensure that these areas are not damaged by the inability to operate the generator set. It is difficult to test whether the bearing and sleeve affect the operation of the generator. Therefore, from the point of view of safety, it is a better way to replace the bearing and shaft sleeve.

5.Observe the oil pressure, water temperature, frequency and voltage. If the oil pressure is too low and the water temperature is too high, you should be alert. It is easy to cause serious damage to the generator set. The frequency and voltage are to see whether the circuit is normal.

6.Carefully check the used diesel electric generator by shaking the crankshaft, traction flywheel, starter, etc.

How to distinguish between refurbished and used generator sets?

Maybe many people refurbished generator set and used generator set is the same, but actually, they are not. We can check the difference by these methods:

1.Some parts of the original generator are different from the color of the generator set, while the refurbished machine is painted, so the color of the generator set is all the same. Pay attention when the color of the generator set is all the same from any point of view.

2.Start the generator to see the instrument: when the renovated generator starts, the water tank temperature is slow, while the new unit is fast.

3.Check the nameplate of the generator. The generator set must have a nameplate, which is equivalent to the ID card of the generator, and the generator without a nameplate is equivalent to a unqualified product. We can check with the manufacturer on the nameplate.

4.Touch the smoke exhaust pipe by hand to see if there are not many black substances in it. If there are more black substances, it is likely to be a refurbished machine.

5.How about the load capacity? Generally, if the use time is too long, its performance will decline, and its load capacity will be poor. Therefore, it is necessary to carry enough load during the test. You'd better increase the load from 30% to full load to see how it performs.

Of course, there are many methods to judge the value of a used diesel generator set, also many factors affect its value. We should check it according to the actual situations.

Due to the wide application of diesel generators, the quality of diesel generators is different, and the market is mixed. Even some businesses directly take out the used unit renovation as a new unit to sell, and often only report the brand of diesel engine or generator, not say the original place, the unit brand in the conversation process. So, if you plan to buy a used diesel genset, you must to check clearly.

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