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How To Judge If The Coolant Temperature Of Diesel Generator Is Too High

Aug. 12, 2021

8 methods for checking and judging that the coolant temperature of diesel generators is too high:


1. Check the coolant: Check whether the coolant is sufficient before starting the diesel generator, and check whether the water pipes and radiating pipes are blocked.


2. Check the water pump: When the cylinder head is connected to the water outlet pipe of the radiator, when the water flow is increased from idling to high speed, if the water flow is increased, it means that the water pump is normal. Otherwise, it means that the water pressure of the water pump is insufficient and should be disassembled and inspected. If the pin is broken or loosened, the pump shaft rotates, the impeller does not move, and the pump stops pumping water, the pin of the pump impeller should be replaced at this time, if the pump impeller is opposite, the pump cannot pump water.


3.Check the fan transmission belt: If the transmission belt is too loose, it should be adjusted too loose, the transmission belt is too worn or broken, it should be replaced in time, if there are two transmission belts, only one of them is damaged, two new transmission belts must be replaced, not one old one new, the service life is greatly shortened.


diesel engine

4.Check the temperature regulator: For diesel engines equipped with a temperature regulator, if there is a water supply pipe in the water supply room of the temperature regulator, it means that the valve of the temperature regulator is not tightly closed or the temperature of the damaged coolant greatly exceeds 70 ℃, then a large amount of raw water flows out of the water supply pipe, indicating that the temperature regulator is damaged.


5. Check whether the fuel supply advance angle is normal.


6. Pay attention to the clearance between the cylinder liner and the piston. Check whether the gap of the piston ring is too small and whether there is enough oil. If it does not meet the requirements, replace the relevant parts.


7. Carefully observe whether there is a large amount of gas ejected when the temperature of the diesel engine coolant is too high, the coolant is discolored, whether the diesel engine sound is abnormal, and whether there is oil splash in the coolant, etc. If these phenomena occur, it can be preliminarily determined that there are hidden dangers such as cylinder head gasket flushing or cylinder liner (cylinder head) cracks.


8. Open the cooling system exhaust valve, drain valve or replenishing tank, and observe the coolant capacity.


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