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How To Install The Oil Water Separator Of Diesel Generator Set

May. 13, 2022

The oil-water separator for diesel generator sets uses the principle of oil-water density difference to make the oil float on the top, and the particulate matter and sludge settle at the bottom. It is regularly cleaned and eliminated by the submersible cutting pump installed in the sedimentation chamber, and there are also separation elements such as diffusion cone and filter screen inside. In order to allow the diesel generator set to use fuel safely and safely, the oil-water separator has been installed by the diesel generator set manufacturer before leaving the factory. The following are the replacement steps of the oil-water separator.


Install the oil-water separator of the diesel generator set and replace it as follows:

1. Open the water valve and let off part of the fuel.


2. Use a belt wrench to remove the filter element and the water storage cup together, and then remove the water storage cup from the filter element. Both the filter element and the water collecting cup are standard right-hand threads, so they can be removed in a counterclockwise direction.


3. Clean the water cup and oil ring. At this time, attention should be paid to the quality of the water cup and the oil ring. Generally, the quality of the diesel engine parts of the manufacturer has been tested.


4. Coat the oil ring with a thin layer of oil with grease or fuel oil, install a new filter element on the sump cup, and then tighten it by hand. Operators who have reached this step should pay attention. In order to avoid damage to the water storage cup and filter element, please do not use tools when tightening.


diesel generator set

5. Coat the oil ring on the top of the filter element with a thin layer of oil with grease or fuel, put the water cup and the filter element into the joint together, and tighten by hand.


6. In order to eliminate the air in the filter element, start the oil filling pump at the top of the filter to refuel until oil seeps out from the filter.


7. Start the diesel generator set to check whether there is leakage, if there is any, it can be stopped and eliminated.


The oil-water separator of the diesel generator set has been replaced at this step. If the replaced oil-water separator still fails to work properly, the operator should check the above steps step by step to check, if there are any errors in the above steps, or check out the Starlight Power website.


The above are the replacement steps of the diesel generator set oil-water separator introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to the users.


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