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How to Install The Fuel Pipeline of Diesel Generator?

Nov. 28, 2023

The fuel pipeline of the diesel generator set should be made of carbon steel or stainless steel seamless steel pipes instead of galvanized pipes. The direction of the oil pipe should be as much as possible to avoid the influence of excessive fuel heat dissipation by the engine. Today, a professional generator manufacturer, Dingbo Power, will introduce the installation method of oil pipes for generator sets.

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The fuel pipeline of the generator set not only has an inlet pipe, but also a return pipe. The diameter of the fuel inlet pipe depends on the inlet diameter of the fuel pump, which should be at least the same as the inner diameter of the intake duct; If the distance is too long, the diameter of the fuel pipe should be appropriately increased.

When selecting oil pipes, attention should also be paid to the initial freezing point and freezing point of diesel. When the temperature of diesel approaches these two values, it will become viscous and the diameter of the pipeline should be appropriately increased. The filter should consider the pressure drop of the joint and pressure reducing valve. The connection between the pipeline and the unit should be soft, as close as possible to the fuel pump of the unit. Exposed pipelines should be properly supported, protected, and prevented from cracking, and should avoid entering heat pipes, furnaces, wires, or exhaust pipes. If the ambient temperature is high, insulation measures should also be taken. After the installation of the pipeline, regardless of the presence of air in the pipeline, it is necessary to clean and check for leaks, and install small cocks at the height of the pipeline for drainage.

The return pipe returns excess fuel from the working cycle to the daily fuel tank, and its heat will dissipate in the tank. Note: It is not allowed to directly connect the return pipe to the oil inlet pipe of the unit. Under normal circumstances, the return pipe should enter the storage tank above the highest oil level and the daily oil tank. The return pipe of each unit should directly return to the oil tank, rather than merging with other units. The size of the return oil pipeline should not be smaller than the size of the oil supply pipe.

Finally, it is worth noting that the maximum allowable temperature of the fuel in front of the fuel injection pump of the generator set is 60 to 70, depending on the model. Dingbo Power recommends using a soft connection between the engine and the fuel pipeline, and ensuring that the fuel pipeline between the engine and the fuel tank does not leak.

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