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How To Install The Exhaust System Of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 03, 2021

Diesel generator exhaust system includes muffler, bellows, flanges, elbows, inner lining and exhaust pipe connected to the outside of the engine room. It means that the diesel generator set is installed on the internal foundation and exhausted through the engine. The pipe is connected to the exhaust pipe in the machine room. This paper introduces the installation method of diesel generator exhaust system by the professional manufacturer of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


The exhaust system of diesel generators should minimize the number of elbows and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe. Otherwise, the exhaust pipe pressure of the unit will increase, and the power loss of the unit will be too large, which will affect the normal operation of the unit, and reduce the normal life of the unit.


In the technical data of Starlight Power diesel generator set, an exhaust pipe with a length of 6m is usually equipped with one elbow and one muffler at most. The exhaust system has exceeded the specified length and number of elbows during the actual installation process. The diameter of the exhaust pipe should be appropriately increased, and the increase should be determined according to the length of the exhaust pipe and the number of elbows.


diesel generator

The first pipe connecting the exhaust manifold of the diesel turbocharger and the diesel generator must have a flexible part. The wind box is randomly matched to the user. The second part of the exhaust pipe should be elastically supported to avoid unreasonable installation of the exhaust pipe. All exhaust pipes and suspension devices should have a certain degree of flexibility.


When there are multiple diesel generator sets in the generator room, remember that the exhaust system of each set should be designed and installed independently. It is forbidden for different units to share an exhaust pipe to avoid abnormal turbulence caused by different exhaust pressures of different units during operation of diesel generator units, and to increase the exhaust back pressure to prevent exhaust fumes and exhaust gas from flowing back through the shared pipe and affecting the normal operation of the unit. The power output can even cause damage to the diesel generator set.


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