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How To Install Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench On Diesel Generator

Dec. 22, 2021

The diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench should be installed in a dry place, free from corrosive gas contact, and not easily affected by wind and sand. The countertop should be placed horizontally, and the ambient temperature should be between -5 and 40°C. The power supply used in the experiment bench is AC three-phase 380V.50Hz. In order to ensure the stability of the motor speed, when the input voltage is not less than 350V, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the motor. And turn on the power supply to ensure that the fuel pump rotates in the specified direction of rotation, otherwise, the fuel pump will be damaged. Before the test run, please clean the anti-rust oil on the test device and add the specified oil to all the places that need to be filled with oil.


1. The fuel tank should be filled with light No. 0 diesel oil that has precipitated for more than 48 hours.


2. Add No. 30 and No. 46 oil tanker oil to the No. 30 and No. 46 oil products in the drive oil tank of the test bench and the hydraulic continuously variable transmission system. The hydraulic CVT adds oil to the thermometer joint or bleed screw on the drive oil pipe. When refueling, the transmission is suspended in the gear position, and the special wrench is used to face the steering knuckle, and the oil is injected at the same time. Finally tighten the joint of the oil temperature gauge or the bleed bolt. Do not directly add lubricating oil to the CVT, otherwise the test bench will be easily damaged. If there is a period of time between the test benches to be used again, the hydraulic shaft should be added according to the above method first. The oil level in the transmission box should be larger than the oil suction valve body.


3. The gear box should be filled with No. 40 or No. 50 mechanical oil, and no oil elbow should be installed.


4. In order to cool the fuel, the test bench must check the fastening reliability of each part, especially the universal joint screws should be fastened reliably and covered with a protective cover. When the test bench is running at high speed, the universal joint should be disassembled to avoid accidents.


diesel generator

5. The fuel injection pump enters the oil. The oil return port should be connected to the oil supply of the test bench with a fuel pipe. The oil return port is connected reliably to prevent oil leakage.


6. The connection of the fuel injection pump is clamped by two universal joint pulling blocks. The clamping bolt is twisted 110N.m.


7. When starting the test bench, first turn the speed control handle to a certain position so that the zero position pressure plate touches the travel switch, so that the normally open contact is closed, and then the start button can be pressed to make the motor run.


8. After the motor is started, turn the speed control handle to gradually increase the speed of the output shaft of the test bench from low, and check the working conditions of each part. There must be no abnormal noise in the hydraulic CVT continuously variable transmission, and there must be no leakage in each pipe joint.


9. When parking, the speed control handle should return to its original position, and the stop button can be pressed only after the output shaft stops rotating.


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