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How To Install Diesel Generator Exhaust Supercharger

Dec. 01, 2021

Before assembling the diesel generator exhaust turbocharger, all parts must be carefully cleaned (including various assembly tools), and each part must be wiped with a soft lint-free cloth and placed in a clean place. At the same time, before assembling, each part must be inspected. If necessary, the turbine rotor compressor impeller and its combined components must be re-balanced, and then re-installed. The installation procedures and precautions for diesel generator exhaust turbochargers are as follows:


1. The end of the middle shell compressor is facing up, and the spring snap ring is put into the inner ring groove of the bearing seat hole at the compressor end, taking care not to touch the damaged shaft hole. Put the floating bearing in a wipe of clean oil, and install another spring snap ring on the thrust ring 15. When installing the floating bearing, pay attention to the one side up and the oil groove on one side. After installing the spring snap ring, check whether the snap ring completely enters the ring groove.


2. As described in step 1, put the steam turbine end of the middle casing up, and install the cartridge sleeve, floating bearing, and thrust ring into the bearing hole of the turbine end in turn as described in step 1, and then install the floating bearing. At the same time, pay attention to the end with the oil groove on the side upward.


3. Two loops made of thin iron wire are put on the fingers, 9 elastic sealing rings are opened, and they are sleeved in the sealing ring groove of the turbine rotor shaft 5. Be careful not to have too much rigidity, so as to avoid permanent deformation or breakage of the elastic sealing ring.


4. When installing the double elastic seal ring, the opening and closing positions should be staggered by 180 degrees, and then coat the seal ring with lubricating oil, carefully insert the rotor into the intermediate sleeve, and be careful not to make the surface of the floating bearing inner hole collide. In order to prevent the ring from slipping off or breaking, when the sleeve is sleeved, the elastic sealing ring is centered relative to the rotating shaft and is guided by the cone of the middle shell hole to smoothly slide into the sealing ring hole.


5. Hold the installed turbine impeller by hand, insert the hexagonal shoulder on the vise, hold the middle casing lightly to avoid accidental tilting, and pay attention to prevent the turbine rotor shaft from sliding out of the middle casing.


diesel generator

6. Put the thrust piece and spacer on the shaft, and then install it into the thrust bearing coated with clean engine oil. Look at the oil inlet above the plane of the thrust bearing towards the oil inlet of the middle housing. After installing the stop pad, tighten the four bolts to ensure the flange of the stop pad and lock the entire bolt. Then, put another push rod on an oil baffle plate, pay attention, the oil guide tongue should extend into the net oil cavity.


4. Shaft seal with elastic sealing ring installed. After cleaning, align it with the corresponding holes on the compressor end cover, and stagger the openings between the two circles to make them 180 degrees apart. The O-shaped sealing ring is sleeved into the ring groove of the outer ring of the compressor air seal plate 11, in order to facilitate the pressurization of the middle shell, the outer surface of the rubber sealing ring is appropriately coated with a thin layer of oil. Then press in the middle shell.


5. Mark the rotor and compressor impeller for dynamic balance, put on the compressor impeller, screw on the self-locking screw, and tighten the self-locking nut until it is aligned with the dynamic balance mark on the surface of the shaft end [the tightening torque is 39~44N/m (4~4.5kgf). When tightening, the dynamic balance mark between the self-locking nut and the shaft end surface should be removed. At this time, the tightening torque is 39~44N/m (4~4.5kgf), which should be adjusted to the maximum value. Do not make the impeller of the compressor rotate relative to the axial direction (if the impeller of the compressor cannot be smoothly fitted into the shaft, the compressor impeller can be immersed in boiling water for heating, and then fitted).


6. Take out the installed assembly from the bench vise, and put it into the turbine shell 3 according to the original mark. Take care not to deflect during assembly to avoid damaging the top of the turbine blade. Next, install the turbine end pressure plate 17 and stop washer, tighten the hexagon nut [tightening torque 39N·m (4kgf·m)], turn the stop washer to lock 8 nuts.


10. The compressor casing column mark is installed in the middle casing, before assembling, put the V-shaped central hoop on the middle shell of the sleeve first, and pay attention to no eccentricity when assembling, so as not to damage the top of the compressor impeller blade by the arc part of the compressor shell.

Install the V-clamp band, and then tighten the bolts [tightening torque is 14.7N·m (1.5kgf.m)].


11. After injecting clean oil into the oil inlet of the middle casing, use the hand to rotate the impeller flexibly and listen carefully to check whether there is a rubbing sound.


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