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How To Install A Diesel Generator Turbocharger

Jul. 10, 2021

A diesel generator turbocharger is actually an air supercharger that increases the boost by compressing air. The inertial impulse of the exhaust gas discharged by the diesel engine is used to push the turbine in the room, and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller. The impeller presses and sends air, and the air filter tube sends the air into the cylinder. In order to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator turbocharger, the following requirements must be strictly followed when installing the turbocharger:


1. When the supercharger is installed on a diesel engine, the oil outlet in the middle of the supercharger must be vertically downward. Under special circumstances, the inclination shall not exceed 23°.


2. Use bolts to directly fix the air intake method of the turbocharger turbine to the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator. Other connections must be flexible, and heavy pipes must be supported. Before installing the turbocharger, clean diesel generator oil must be injected into the oil inlet of the turbocharger for pre-lubrication.

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3. When the diesel generator is running under load, the oil pressure must be within the oil pressure range specified by the diesel generator. For example, the oil pressure of Cummins diesel generators must be between 0196-0.399 MPa to be safe. When idling, the oil pressure shall not be lower than 0.070 MPa.


4. The oil must be filtered and must not contain particles larger than 15μm. The oil brand must meet the requirements of the diesel generator manufacturer. The use of special quality oil can prolong the service life of the supercharger, especially when the oil change interval needs to be extended.


5. Within 3-4s after the diesel generator is started, the oil pressure must be displayed at the turbocharger oil inlet to prevent the turbocharger bearing system from being damaged due to lack of oil.


6. The pressure drop of the air filter shall not exceed 490Pa. The filter element in the filter should be protected from moisture because the pressure drop will increase significantly.


7. The exhaust back pressure behind the turbine shall not exceed 490Pa. The limit value can be appropriately increased for special purposes, especially when using exhaust brakes, but you need to consult the turbocharger manufacturer.


8. Since the oil relies on its own weight to enter the diesel engine from the oil return pipe of the turbocharger, the outlet of the oil return pipe should be higher than the oil level in the oil pan of the diesel generator, and the oil return pipe should not be reduced.


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