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How To Improve The Pollution Emission Index Of Diesel Generating Set

Aug. 18, 2021

During the combustion process of diesel generator sets, due to insufficient fuel combustion, air pollution will be caused. There are currently two countries using diesel generator sets on the market. Diesel generator sets have low emissions and low fuel consumption. So how to improve the emission indicators of diesel generator sets? If you want to increase the emissions of diesel generator sets, you can reduce the air pollution after combustion by improving the intake system and controlling the intake volume, which can be solved by changing the swirl intake system or multi-valve technology. The following is a detailed description of the main methods for improving the emission indicators of diesel generator sets:


1. Improve the quality of diesel.

(1) Improve the combustion performance of diesel. The cetane number is used to measure the combustion performance. Adding alkyl nitrate to diesel can quickly decompose in the cylinder to generate active groups and increase the cetane number, thereby improving the ignition performance of the diesel engine.


(3)Diesel fuel additives. Adding diesel fuel additives can improve the ignition performance, and alkyl nitrate is one of them. Barium salts, calcium and iron compounds can lower the spontaneous combustion temperature of soot and improve the regeneration of diesel filters.


(3) Reduce the sulfur content. Hydrogenation can effectively reduce the sulfur content of the oil during the refining process. If the mass ratio of sulfur in diesel is less than 0.05%, the particulate matter content in emissions will be reduced.


2. Improve the combustion process. Continue to use electrical control fuel injection technology, high pressure common rail technology, exhaust gas recirculation technology, variable compression technology, and the adoption and innovation of multi-valve technology to further improve diesel engine combustion and working processes, and significantly reduce emissions pollution.


(1) Electronically controlled fuel injection system. After the implementation of electronic injection of diesel, pollutant emissions will be greatly reduced. The initial EFI technology is position control. The oil volume and time are adjusted by changing the positions of rack sliders, plunger sliding sleeves and other mechanisms, and then the electronic servo system is used to achieve this adjustment. The response speed is fast, the control frequency is low, and the accuracy is uncertain. The new EFI system adopts time control and replaces the traditional mechanical mechanism with a new solenoid valve to realize the digital adjustment of high-pressure fuel. At present, the new common rail EFI system is not a general pulsation principle, but uses the principle of pressure timing method to achieve fuel injection control by continuously controlling each injection solenoid valve.


diesel generator

(2) Waste gas recovery. The control of exhaust gas recirculation of internal combustion engines mainly includes gas-electricity and electromagnetic. The feedback signal of exhaust gas recirculation is obtained through the signals of intake air flow and exhaust gas recirculation. Both signals can reflect the recirculation exhaust gas volume, and each has its own advantages. The recirculation exhaust volume is calculated by the intake air flow rate, and the response speed is slow. The slow rise signal through the exhaust recirculation will cause deviation due to problems such as carbon deposits on the valve seat, so there are currently two methods.


(3) Multi-valve technology. The multi-valve diesel engine enlarges the intake cross section and improves the power of the diesel engine, the arrangement of the diesel engine fuel injection center is conducive to the uniform distribution of diesel in the space, can achieve a partially closed channel, and form a swirl intensity suitable for the speed of the diesel engine. By adopting the above method, when operating at low speed, the intake swirl is doubled compared to operating at high speed, thereby improving the quality of low-speed mixture and improving the economy, power and emissions of diesel engines.


(4) Turbocharged intercooling technology. When the supercharger is installed in the vehicle, the output power of the diesel engine is 20%~30% higher than that without the supercharger, and it can be increased by 50% by using supercharger and intercooling. In other words, the diesel engine can be made to have a small displacement, thereby reducing the overall quality of the diesel engine, saving fuel consumption and improving emissions.


3. Exhaust aftertreatment. Diesel engine exhaust after-treatment equipment includes particle traps, SOF (mainly polymer HC) to reduce organic soluble components in particles, gas HC and CO oxidation catalytic converters, and NOx reduction selective reduction catalytic converters.


4. Reduce the consumption of oil (lubricating oil). The structural factors related to the consumption of lubricating oil in diesel engines mainly include the following aspects.


(1) Pistons. Such as piston shape, deformation, oil return measures, clearance between piston and cylinder, etc.


(2) Cylinder liner. Such as cylinder deformation, surface roughness, machining accuracy, etc.


(3) Piston ring. For example, the cross-sectional shape and quantity of the gas ring and the oil ring, the opening shape of the piston ring, the radial pressure distribution of the piston ring, the machining accuracy, etc.


There are four ways to improve the emission indicators of diesel generator sets. Starlight Power appeals: For a good living environment, all users are requested to purchase diesel generator sets in accordance with national emission standards. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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