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How to Improve The Emission Indicators of Diesel Generator Sets? Part 2

Dec. 14, 2023

This article continues to introduce methods for improving the emission indicators of diesel generator sets.

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1. Electronic fuel injection system. After implementing electronic fuel injection, diesel engines will significantly reduce their emissions of pollutants. The initial electric injection technology was position control, which adjusts the oil quantity and timing by changing the position of mechanisms such as rack and pinion sliders and plunger sleeves, and then uses an electronic servo system to implement this adjustment. The system has slow response, low control frequency, and uncertain accuracy. The new generation of electronic fuel injection system adopts time control and replaces traditional mechanical mechanisms with new electromagnetic valves to achieve digital regulation of high-pressure fuel. The new common rail electronic fuel injection system no longer adopts the general pulsation principle, but adopts the pressure time measurement principle, and achieves fuel injection control through a combination of continuous oil pressure in the common oil passage and control of injection solenoid valves in each cylinder.

2. Exhaust gas recirculation. There are two types of control for diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation: pneumatic and electromagnetic. The feedback signal of exhaust gas recirculation output is provided through the intake flow rate and the lift signal of exhaust gas recirculation width, respectively. Both signals can reflect the amount of recirculating exhaust, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The response speed of measuring the recirculation exhaust volume through intake flow rate is slow, while the wide lift signal through exhaust gas recirculation will cause deviation due to issues such as valve seat carbon deposition. Therefore, the two methods are currently used together.

3. Multi valve technology. The multi valve diesel engine expands the intake cross-section and increases the power of the diesel engine; The central arrangement of diesel engine injectors is conducive to the uniform distribution of diesel in space, which can achieve the closure of some channels and form vortex intensity that is suitable for the diesel engine speed. By using the above method during low-speed operation, the intake swirl can be doubled compared to high-speed operation, thereby improving the quality of the diesel engine mixture at low speeds and improving the economy, power, and emissions of the diesel engine.

4. Turbocharged intercooling technology. The power output of diesel engines equipped with turbochargers increases by 20% to 30% compared to those without turbochargers, and using turbocharged intercooling technology can even increase it by 50%. This means that the displacement of diesel engines can be miniaturized, thereby reducing the overall quality of diesel engines, saving fuel consumption, and improving emission conditions.

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