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How To Improve Diesel Engine In Plateau Environment

Aug. 12, 2023

Guangxi Dingbo Power Guide: How to improve the diesel engine of diesel generator set in plateau environment? Now let's have a look at Dingbo Power.


1. The diesel engine adopts the restorative supercharging technology: The diesel engine shall adopt the restorative supercharging technology. The key point of this technology is actually to set the rated working point of the supercharger according to the plateau environment, so that when the altitude of the diesel engine rises, the supercharger can increase the speed and increase the air supply, but the supercharger cannot be damaged due to overspeed. Thus, the operating conditions of diesel engines in plateau areas can be improved, so that the fuel consumption rate will increase and the power will decrease when operating in plateau areas. The increase of exhaust temperature is much better than that of ordinary turbocharged diesel engines.


2. Make full use of intercooling technology: improve the cooling effect of the intercooler as much as possible, so that the intake air acts through the supercharger, and the degree of temperature rise caused by the increase of intake air pressure is improved, so that the air density of the intake air is increased under the same pressure, thus improving the operating conditions of the oil engine.


3. Increase the pre pressure of the water cooling system: As the atmospheric pressure decreases, the opening and self opening pressure of the pressure cap of the radiator of the water cooling system will decrease accordingly, thus affecting the normal operation of the water cooling system. Increase the opening pressure of the pressure cap to make up for it. The atmospheric pressure decreases due to the increase of altitude, making the opening pressure of the water cooling system equal to that of the plain.


Shangchai diesel power generator set

4. Improve the cooling effect of the coolant: reduce the temperature of the coolant as much as possible, lower the temperature of the cylinder block and cylinder head, so as to reduce the intake air temperature, increase the air density, increase the oxygen supply of the intake air, and improve the operating conditions.


5. Improve the structure of the air filter to adapt to the dry and dusty environment in the plateau. When the diesel engine is pressurized, the air supply will increase. In particular, in view of the characteristics of high dust in the plateau, it is required that the air filter should have the characteristics of high efficiency, small resistance, large flow, long service life, small size, light weight, low cost and easy maintenance. It is optional to add a primary air filter or desert air filter. To ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine, the maintenance interval of the air filter is 50~100h.


6. It is difficult to deal with the low temperature starting of diesel engine in extremely cold regions: auxiliary low temperature pre heating systems such as oil heating, cylinder liner water heating and intake air heating can be used to make the diesel engine easier to start. At the same time, low temperature diesel, coolant, low temperature lubricating oil and low temperature battery with sufficient power shall be used, which are suitable for the ambient temperature. Generally, the grade of low-temperature diesel oil, low-temperature lubricating oil and coolant shall be at least 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. This set of comprehensive measures will better solve the problem of diesel engine starting at low temperature.


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