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How To Hoist The Diesel Generator And What Are The Two Ways To Lay The Flue

Aug. 02, 2021

The installation of diesel generators should start from the following aspects, that is, the measurement base, the vertical and horizontal centerline of the generator set, the lifting of the generator set, and the leveling of the generator set.

The laying of the flue flue has two ways: laying in the trench and horizontal overhead. The following is a detailed introduction by the professional Starlight Power.


1. Measurement basis and unit vertical and horizontal centerline.

Before the unit is in place, the foundation, the vertical and horizontal center line of the unit and the positioning line of the shock absorber should be drawn in accordance with the drawing "line setting".


2. Lifting and installation of diesel generator set.

In the process of hoisting the diesel generator, a steel wire rope of sufficient strength should be used in the lifting position of the unit. It should not be put on the shaft, and the oil pipe and the dial should be prevented from touching. The unit is leveled.


diesel generator set

3. Diesel generator set leveling work.

Use the horn to adjust the machine to the level. The installation accuracy refers to the vertical and horizontal deviation per meter, 0.1mm per meter. There should be no space between the shim and the base to ensure uniform force. When installing the flue, it should be noted that the exposed part of the flue must not be in contact with wood or other flammable materials. The pipe extension must allow thermal expansion and contraction to occur and prevent rainwater from entering.


There are two ways to lay the flue:

1.Laying in trenches: The advantage is good indoor heat dissipation, but the disadvantage is that there are many turns and high resistance.


2.Horizontal overhead: The advantage is less turning and low resistance, the disadvantage is that the indoor heat dissipation is poor and the temperature in the computer room is high.


The exhaust pipe of diesel generator set has a high temperature. In order to prevent scalding the operator and reduce the temperature radiation of the machine room, heat preservation treatment should be carried out. It can be wrapped with heat-resistant insulating material glass wool or aluminum silicate, which has the effect of heat insulation and noise reduction.


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