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How to Handle Generator Oscillation?

Apr. 03, 2023

When a significant disturbance occurs to the generator, the active power balance between the generator and the operator will be damaged. This is because the generator rotor has rotational inertia, and the generator power needs a process of change. During this period, the power cannot be balanced, and the generator cannot operate stably, leading to oscillations. When oscillation occurs, the following measures should be taken:

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1. If the oscillation is caused by asynchronous paralleling or loss of excitation of the generator, the generator should be immediately disconnected;

2. If the oscillation is caused by an abnormality in the generator excitation regulator, immediately switch the generator fault excitation regulator to the standby excitation regulator for operation;

3. When the generator oscillates, the excitation current of the generator should be increased immediately without waiting for the command of the dispatcher to improve the reactive power output;

4. When the generator oscillates, if it is found that the frequency decreases, it should not wait for dispatching instructions, and increase the active output of the unit to the maximum value until the oscillation is eliminated.

5. When the generator oscillates, if it is found that the frequency increases, it should not wait for the dispatching command. Reduce the active output of the unit to reduce the frequency, but the frequency should not be lower than 49.5Hz. At the same time, ensure the normal power supply of auxiliary power.

6. Report to the dispatcher and listen to the waiting dispatcher's instructions.

Starlight would also like to remind everyone that for generators with oscillations, special attention should be paid to the heating condition and deformation degree of their rotors and stators, as well as the deformation degree of various components of the hydraulic turbine, in order to detect abnormalities in a timely manner.

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