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How To Extend The Life Of Diesel Generators

Oct. 18, 2021

In order to extend the service life of diesel generators as much as possible, special attention should be paid to the following issues.


(1) Start-up preheating time of diesel generator.

Whether it is summer or winter, diesel generators cannot run at high speed or with load immediately after starting, especially in winter. After the diesel generator is started, it should run at idle speed or low speed (800~LOOr/min) without load for 3 (summer)-5min (winter), and then start to run with load. If the diesel generator is just started, the load will be heavy. Because the temperature of the diesel generator is low at this time, the friction pair clearance is relatively small, and the oil is relatively lagging when starting, which will cause abnormal wear of these parts, and regular repeated use may cause abnormal damage to the diesel generator.


(2) The cooling problem before the diesel generator shuts down.

Diesel generators cannot be put into full-load operation at the beginning, nor can they be shut down immediately after full-load operation. Pay special attention in summer. When the diesel generator needs to be shut down after working at full load, it should be operated at idle speed or low speed (800-100Or/min) for 3 (winter)-5min (summer) after the load is removed, and the diesel generator should be shut down after the temperature drops. If the diesel generator is shut down immediately after full load operation, due to the reheating of the combustion temperature in the cylinder, it is easy to cause failures such as cylinder pulling of the diesel generator, and special attention should be paid to the air-cooled diesel generator.


(3) The problem of oil mixing of different brands.

When using two different brands of engine oil, do not mix two different manufacturers or different brands of engine oil. That is to say, if the engine oil of a certain brand is used in the front, when replenishing the engine oil, it must be supplemented with the same brand of engine oil. When replacing different brands of oil, the original oil must be drained and the oil filter element (including the bypass oil filter element included) must be replaced at the same time. Due to different brands or manufacturers of engine oils, the production methods of engine oils (various additives, etc.) are also different. The mixed use of two different brands of engine oil may cause the engine oil to precipitate or deteriorate, adversely affecting the diesel generator and causing malfunctions.


(4) Insulation of intake air temperature.

Under normal circumstances, the intake air temperature of diesel generators should not exceed 45°C. If the intake air temperature is too high, it should be reduced as much as possible. In particular, the heat radiation and direct heating of the intake air from the exhaust port joint should be eliminated or reduced. Ensure that the distance between the inlet pipe joint and the exhaust pipe joint is not less than 10 mm, and the joint between the exhaust pipe and the intake pipe shall not leak. Otherwise, measures should be taken to eliminate it. If the exhaust pipe joint cannot be far away from the intake pipe joint due to structural restrictions or the exhaust pipe joint leakage cannot be eliminated temporarily, temporary measures must be taken to separate the two with thin steel plates to minimize the effect of exhaust heat on the intake. If the intake air temperature is too high, the air density into the cylinder will be reduced, and the intake air will be relatively insufficient, and the diesel generator will emit black smoke when working under heavy load. If the intake air temperature is too high, the diesel generator works at high (intake) temperature for a long time, which may cause serious problems such as piston burning and cylinder pulling.


(5) The use and maintenance of three filters.

Diesel generators are equipped with air filters, oil filters and diesel filters, commonly known as three filters. The technical status of the three filters directly affects the working performance and service life of the diesel generator. However, a considerable number of diesel generator users neglect the effective maintenance of the three filters, resulting in frequent failures of diesel generators and premature entry into the maintenance period.


(6) Other issues that should be paid attention to.

1. For air-cooled diesel generators, the top cover of the diesel generator cannot be removed under any circumstances, and then work at full load for a long time. If the air-cooled diesel generator does not have a top cover, it means that the water-cooled diesel generator does not have a radiator. Long-term full-load operation, diesel generators will experience serious failures due to overheating.


diesel generator set

2. When the diesel generator starts in winter, the start-up preheating device should be used reasonably as required. When it is difficult to start, do not use the start-up pre-heating device for a long time, because when the start-up pre-heating device is pre-heated, fuel will flow out of the glow plug installed on the intake pipe. If the start-up preheating time is too long, the more fuel will flow out of the glow plug, which will cause the diesel generator to work rough when starting.


3. When the diesel generator is used in winter, the no-load idling or low-speed running time should not exceed 30 minutes after starting. Due to the low ambient temperature in winter, long-term low-speed and low-temperature operation of diesel generators will aggravate the wear of moving parts such as piston rings.


4. Choose different brands of engine oil according to the season. If the engine oil is not selected properly, it will seriously damage the diesel generator. The general requirement for selecting engine oil is to use high-temperature engine oil in high temperature areas in summer (such as 40, 50, 60, etc.) and low-temperature engine oil in severe cold areas in winter (such as OW, 5W, 1OW, etc.). Mixed engine oil ( 15W/40, 20W/40, etc.) can also be used according to the actual conditions of the four seasons of the year.


5. Regularly check the tightness of the diesel generator support, damping rubber block and bolts of each fastening component. If the diesel generator support and vibration damping rubber blocks are damaged, the support bolts are loose or the main fastening bolts are loose, the vibration of the diesel generator will increase, and long-term operation may cause serious damage to the diesel generator.


Regularly clean the dust on each heat dissipation surface of the diesel generator, check the condition of the heat dissipation system and fan system, so that the cooling system of the diesel generator is always in good working condition, which is also one of the effective ways to extend its service life.


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