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How To Effectively Maintain The Smart Diesel Generator In Daily Use

Aug. 21, 2023

With the advancement of technology, many intelligent diesel generators have been derived. Intelligent diesel generators have brought many intelligent conveniences to our lives, and their application fields have become more and more extensive, becoming an indispensable part. We all know that intelligent diesel generator equipment has a certain service life, and it is impossible to guarantee that intelligent diesel generators will not fail 100%. Therefore, daily maintenance is also crucial. Effective daily maintenance can reduce the occurrence of failures and maintain stability of smart diesel generators.


Diesel generator maintenance must include proper fuel storage and annual fuel changes to ensure the generator set is not damaged when you turn it on.


Proper generator maintenance can also prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. A generator that is not functioning properly can release excess carbon monoxide into the air, endangering the health and life of employees. If the backup generator is located in the basement, make sure there is proper ventilation. Part of diesel generator maintenance is regular inspection of generator set components such as automatic transfer switches, control panels, trailers and other accessories. How often should a backup diesel generator be run?


Although the current intelligent diesel generators are widely used, and some brands of intelligent diesel generators used in different fields are different, the daily maintenance methods are still the same.


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1. Do a good job of daily cleaning, and ensure that the appearance of the intelligent diesel generator is clean every day and do not accumulate dust. Before starting the machine, use a dry soft cloth to wipe the controller screen and casing. Avoid moisture in the unit, affecting the internal circuit and causing the circuit.


2. Regularly maintain the intelligent diesel generator. The better the running performance of the machine, the more wear and tear will be generated during normal operation, and it needs to be maintained in time.


3. Ensure that the intelligent diesel generator has a stable working voltage. It cannot be shut down at will during operation, which may easily cause equipment damage and have a great impact on the service life of the intelligent diesel generator.


For exact details on using a diesel generator and ensuring optimum performance when you need it most, follow the generator set manufacturer's recommendations. There are also regulations that may require specific operating cycles depending on the purpose of the generator.


At the same time, two types of generator operation should be performed: no-load operation and loaded operation. Running on load is to prepare the generator and other components required to use the generator to generate electricity in an emergency. Running the generator under load for extended periods of time also prevents carbon and moisture build-up.


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